Glorious grey mitts (2018 FO-2)

Glorious grey mitts (free knitting pattern)

And my second finish of the year is … log cabin mitts! I’m off sweaters, you guys — only knitting these from here on out. Or until I blow through my entire bin of DK/worsted-weight yarn, at least. Seriously though, this has been a week and I’m flying to Denver this morning for about 10 minutes, so for today I wanted to quickly A) show you my newly finished mitts and B) say the biggest THANK YOU for your response to my Log Cabin Mitts pattern, which was camped out at #3 in Hot Right Now yesterday, thanks to all your fave-ing and queueing, which was the nicest possible thing that could have happened. And there are already multiple versions showing up in Ravelry and on the #fringeandfriendslogalong feed. I’m deep into my ebony-and-ivory pair and happy to see others doing color! For those wondering “what was the deal with the timeline and prizes again?” I would like to direct you to Timeline and prize news. Plenty of time to jump in!

IN SHOP NEWS: In addition to the beautiful new Pam Allen book, Plain & Simple (discussed yesterday), we have the black Porter Bin back (yay!) and, finally, short Lykke interchangeable tips available in standalone pairs! And we have many sold-out lengths and sizes of the fixed circulars back in stock, as well. Other recent arrivals include sashiko thread, Little Seed Farm balms, sheep scissors, “A.L.J.” … so many of your favorites. So if you’ve been looking for something, check Fringe Supply Co.!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone — see you back here next week …

• Log cabin mitts in Hole & Sons yarn (no longer available, but see its cousin, Isle Yarns)
• Worn with Junegrass Cline
Field Bag from Fringe Supply Co.


PREVIOUSLY in FOs: Logalong mitts




11 thoughts on “Glorious grey mitts (2018 FO-2)

  1. Starting these tonight as soon I finish the log cabin cowl I am working on! Can’t wait to knit these for everyone I know!

  2. You do such a good job taking pictures of your own hands! How do you manage it? Tripod and self-timer? Help from another human? Whenever I try, I wind up with awkward claw hand photos 😕

  3. Can’t wait to cast on! Thank you Karen for generously sharing this and for inspiring me Every Week! You are my go to when I’m feeling low energy. Gratitude! Sidenote in case you missed this —and in case I did in an Elsewhere:

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