Winter ’18 wardrobe: Outfits!

Winter ’18 wardrobe: Outfits!

For this winter round of Closet Rummy™, I wanted to see if I could come up with 30 combinations I’ve never precisely put together before — always exploring just how endlessly recombinable things can be — and for my own ease of use, this time I organized them by weather. So they sort of go from outfits for really cold weather (with a light sweatshirt/sweater or other long-sleeve top layered under a cardigan, for instance) to moderately cold to not terribly cold, like those times it will be 78 degrees on a random December day. There are definitely some new ideas here — as well as several new or new-to-me garments — but seeing this has me feeling good about my shortlist of things I want to make, and what those will do to change things up a bit! For details on any of the garments pictured, see the closet inventory (not all of which got used here).

Winter ’18 wardrobe: Outfits!

Winter ’18 wardrobe: Outfits!

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6 thoughts on “Winter ’18 wardrobe: Outfits!

  1. It’s been years but I used to make a lot of my clothes. Seeing all the lovely things that you have made makes me want to get back to sewing. My Pfaff is 23 years old and I’m thinking it’s time for a new machine. What would you recommend?

    • I’m definitely no expert on machines. I learned on my mom’s old Singer, bought myself an entry-level Baby Lock in my twenties that was serviceable but I never bonded with (used it soooo intermittently), and then bought myself a Janome a few years ago (followed by a Janome serger). I love my Janome but that’s the sum total of what I have to compare it with.

    • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ve got a few machines of varying ages but the one I’m most likely to actually use is the simplest, most easily accessible one. I’d get back into sewing for a while first before making a decision – then you’ll know what you want.

  2. Have you worn your camel boots with the camel cowl? Those colors jump out at me and even more paired with plum. I gravitate to the colors and the striped sweater. Please tell who makes each of your boots?

    • I don’t actually have them yet — they’re due to arrive tomorrow — so I’m guessing at the color combo there. Both boots are the same, my two-year old (?) pair of black ones and the cognac in transit, both the Everlane Modern Chelsea boot.

  3. Oh, I was wondering what those boots are. I’ve never left a comment, but I really love those boots!

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