Queue Check — November 2018

Queue Check — November 2018

I did that thing where I convinced myself I was going to come home from my Thanksgiving road trip with nearly finished front and back pieces for Bob’s sweater vest. (Details on the pattern and yarn here.) Instead, of course, I knitted about two inches on the drive to Atlanta, an inch on the drive back, and not a stitch while we were with my family. Too many meals to prepare, kids to fling around, dominoes games to lose. But I have, at least, done my alt-gauge math and made it into the armhole shaping on both pieces, so it’s downhill from here!

Which means it’s about time to decide what I’m casting on for myself when this is done. As you know, I’ve been deliberating. And deliberating some more. Based on the notes in my mood board post last week and an assessment of my stash — as I continue to make slow but steady progress on my cleanout — I’ve got three yarns vying for my attention.

LEFT SKEIN: While I was at Tolt a few weeks ago, I bought a skein of black Luft to swatch with for another Grete, and when I got home a box arrived from my sweet friends at Woolfolk with enough to finish the job. This one is pretty much a sure thing, so very likely the next project on my needles. All there is to think about is the mods I want to make this time, beyond what I did with my first one.

MIDDLE SKEIN: The Our Yarn I’ve been saying I want to use for a Carbeth Cardigan, amplified by my trying on Shannon’s on that same trip. Shannon’s was knitted in the soft black Quarry and it really felt like a sweater that belonged in my closet, so as confident I am that I would absolutely love it in the toffee, I’m questioning whether I’ll regret not making a replica of the sweater that felt so entirely perfect to me. Especially since I also have other ideas for the toffee.

RIGHT SKEIN: The other sweater quantity in my stash that’s crying out the loudest is the YOTH Neighbor I bought at Stitches West back in February. I really love this nubbly, heathery wool and am dying to knit it up, but I’m also being mindful about my quest for less warm sweaters, which led me back to Kram, which has been on my shortlist for three years. I’m leery of these kinds of sweaters (basically triangular garments meant to sit on a square frame), so I still regret not trying on Tank’s when I had a chance at Knitting With Company two years ago, but it looked great on her and the fact that I’ve had it in mind for so long is a good sign. I’d probably need to hold this yarn triple, and believe I have just enough to pull that off, but I’m also considering holding an ivory or lighter blue with it to brighten up the color, since this is a pretty grey blue.

And then there’s the sewing queue. Writing about my wool muscle tee the other day made me think I might want to make another with the toffee-colored wool I have in stash, which was actually woven from the same yarn above. And fueled by the winter mood board, I pulled this purple fabric off my shelf. It’s a gorgeous deep eggplant with patterning in a lighter shade of lilac, woven in Thailand. I bought it a few years ago at Craft South when they had a pop-up with a woman who buys indigenous textiles on her global travels. (I can’t remember her name or brand!) I’ve been waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be, and I’m now thinking a pretty little sleeveless top of some sort. This fabric will go with every cardigan I own (including the to-be-steeked purple lopi) as well as my army and denim shirtjackets, and a little sleeveless top is of course useful year-round. I don’t know what exactly, but I’m picturing something feminine, with maybe a little gathering or pleating at the waist? If I can find the right pattern, I might have the time next weekend, and it would be my idea of a perfect little #sewfrosting project, just in time for the holidays.

(Fringe Town Bag and Lykke needles from Fringe Supply Co.)


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9 thoughts on “Queue Check — November 2018

  1. I am so with you on the few warm sweaters. I want to knit them but then don’t want to wear them. I am finally coming to the conclusion I need to knit cardigans – I wear those. (I live in the Dayton, Ohio area so we get a little more snow than you but I’m originally from Los Angeles and can’t get used to the over-heated buildings so prefer to layer). My sewing mojo has been languishing lately, not having the time hasn’t helped. I’m going to jump-start it with a project bag or two to get myself going again when I have time – after I turn grades in for the semester is likely to be the when.

  2. Such a fun-filled Queue Check. That vest is looking soooo good. What do they say about the turtle and the hare? Speed isn’t everything, amiright? And those three skeins are just yummy – your plans for them are splendid. Anything involving Luft (especially that colour) cushy-ing up near one’s face is a win-win in my book. Besides I’m looking forward to the inevitable “Zoolander” photo of you modelling both Gretes at the same time, steely-eyes blazing, slouchy coat sliding off your shoulder. ;-) And hella yes to Carbeth. Shannon’s is so lovely in Quarry and yours will be dee-lish in that toffee. As for Kram, I think it would be fabulous on you, but if it turned out not to be your cup of tea, you could always frog it – no harm, no foul.

    And finally, that fabric is beyond gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what you finally decide on. What kind of hand does it have? Is it soft and drapey or maybe a bit crisp? Tessuti’s Valerie Top is a sleeveless tank with gathers just under the bust darts or you could modify any of their Romy or Kate tops or Grainline Willow Tank to add a ruffle. If it’s a bit crispy, Tessuti’s Leni Top is really cute.

    • It’s midweight but not crisp — being hand-loomed, it has some heft and weight to it. Was thinking Tessuti would be my first stop on my pattern hunt so thanks for those specifics names to check!

  3. Hi Karen-
    Speaking of purple and your winter mood board, would you mind sharing source info for that image of the light purple belted coat? I just want to go and look at more views of it… I think I have a crush on that coat. :)

    • I should have made the image clickable, and will fix that when I’m at a proper computer, but if you click through on the text link to the mood board, it’s Pinterest, so the individual images are all clickable. That one will bring you to J.Crew.

  4. I am lucky to have a small variety of Thai woven fabrics, and yet, nothing quite seems perfect to make them into. Looking forward to seeing what you make with yours!

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