Early Winter ’18 mood board

Early Winter ’18 mood board

It might be the result of having the Fringe Supply Co. Winter Lookbook palette spread out in my studio since July (all that plum and toffee and butterscotch and black), but my Winter ’18 Mood board is speaking to me the most clearly of any of them so far. It’s the mood and colors of a bright but cold early winter day — all the burnt caramel-camel-brown tones against blues and dusty lilac purples and the softest fading green. With plenty of black, white, navy and grey, of course. But it’s also more specifically a set of reminders to myself: that I need to think about some blouses with sleeves, about tees and turtlenecks to layer under things, about knitted neckwear layered on top of things that might not be sweaters, but pullovers or tops of other sorts. (Hence my including myself on my own mood board. In my dickey.) That a little touch of femininity with all the androgyny is important to me. And as usual, it’s about very easy shapes and a classic casualness that steers clear of being dull.

I think I’ve OD’d on my silhouette lately but my pants are my pants and we’re back into jeans-and-boots season, so I’m thinking hard about new ways to put things together, and which old friends to pull forward and let star this season. More on all of that to come, along with the very focused little make list it has inspired.

Oh, and that sweater in the top right is a thought I’m having about my steekalong Sólbein. Maybe.


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  1. I think my beloved Anne Klein black, boiled wool pea coat is on its last legs. This coat’s served me well for just over ten years, but this looks to be its last winter.

    So I’ve been browsing fabrics and patterns, thinking I’d sew another black coat, but I’m so drawn to classic camel. Remember your post about the difficulty of finding a true camel color? It hasn’t been much easier finding the wool fabric I have in mind in CAMEL. Not sand or beige or taupe or dark khaki or acorn or bark…I’m stuck on camel.

    Which sadly reminds me that I’d also planned to knit a cabled cardi with the Fringe Association DK yarn in toffee…then forgot about it, then remembered too late. So I’m on the hunt for something as close to it as I can find.

    Having been dragged along on my camel hunts to a few LYS’s and fabric shops, Husband has jokingly designated Winter 2018 “Winter of the Elusive Camel.”

  2. Fun! I am trying to figure out if cropped jeans with short ankle boots and no socks look ridiculous on me and my white cold legs! Kinda need socks in Portland OR wet winters.

  3. Love the sweater in the up right corner. Where can I find it, pattern or the picture? Like your mood board!

  4. I can see what you mean for tooling around with silhouette…I’m noticing that a lot of fall/winter looks are lacking that middle layer that I so adore about things like your smocks in summer. Might there be a middleweight version, or way to incorporate the smock/tunic length item, maybe split hem, with some of your cropped pulleys and cardis? Just for a little more dimension in the season and so you don’t get bored. Melissa from Espace Tricot has this thing with boyfriend jeans, an a-line tunic, and a large drapey sweater that makes the inner me sigh.

  5. You could always make your pants pattern in corduroy, which (if you pick the right one) is softer and cozier than denim. We’re coming into summer now in Melbourne, but I’ve been thinking of cord pants for next winter, maybe cropped with tights. Tights season is never long enough!

    • Yes! That’s actually the reason for the image with the wide-wale cords in there — I hadn’t considered that possibility until seeing that photo, not having worn corduroy in YEARS.

  6. I am ok with the colors, I have to say though, I’m not a fan of short/shredded jeans. I like a more tailored look, taking on classic cashmere sweaters, a simple blouse. Pants that cover the tops of my ankle boots. Sadly the sneakers I’m seeing at the store are in crazy loud colors. I may have to hit a Target store to find grey converse..
    I will say that you’ve encouraged me to start my own style board…with all of the magazines I’ve gotten this past week it should be easy!

  7. Caramel, blues and greys, yep! For my part I fancy a nice red/cream raglan sweater with bell sleeves spotted on Toast (thanks for making me discover a totally drool worthy brand).

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