Queue Check — October 2018

Queue Check — October 2018

Raise your hand if you thought I would go another month without casting on a sweater. Anyone? Not me. I contented myself with that dickey for a little bit, and have been test-knitting my own mitts pattern — the Cascara Mitts they’re called — which Tolt is publishing on Saturday as part of their 5th-anniversary collection. (I’ll be at the store/party on Saturday and am actually teaching this pattern on Sunday but the class is sold out!) And I think Bob recognized an opportunity and rushed into the void, requesting a sweater vest for himself, and even picking out the yarn — the skein of Plucky Knitter’s Yakpaca that I bought at Stitches West earlier this year. He’s convinced that since it’s a vest, it won’t be overly warm for him; I’m dubious but I love the man so I’ll knit the vest and hope! I’ll be using Churchmouse’s simple little His Vest pattern, but probably raising the neck a tiny bit.

I do think I’m narrowing in on a final decision for my next sweater, but in the meantime I want to focus on Bob’s vest and on finishing up the unfinished:

My Hozkwoz hat is within an inch of done
My blue Bellows just needs a couple of seams and some buttons
My lilac pullover-to-cardigan-conversion is just one fun steek experiment away
– And I have a pair of Log Cabin Mitts awaiting their thumbs

It had been my plan to do these things for Slow Fashion October, but I have had myself stretched wayyyy too thin for that. Fortunately, they’ve all been waiting patiently for both me and the weather, which has more or less arrived, so I’m excited to tackle it all.


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  1. When you said “vest” I was imagining a men’s version of the Anna vest (somehow the above photo didn’t lodge in my brain) and was charmed — being able to unbutton it would also help cut down on overheating. Although moving into matching couple territory is a risky move…

    • I was honestly surprised by this choice, since one of his favorite ways to articulate that a garment is not for him is to say it looks like something Perry Como would wear, lol. And this gets a little into that territory. It’ll look great on him, if I get the fit right, but I don’t think I’ll ever see him in a waistcoat.

  2. I wish the man of the house would let me knit for him, but he refuses to wear sweaters…or hats…or scarves. A real Debbie Downer, that one is.

    I’ve got a Whitfield Shorty and a Cranberry Gose to finish by Christmas, so that’s my sweater knitting taken up for now. After the holidays, it’s back to the Charles pullover, then possibly Anne Hanson’s Ivar cardigan. Or maybe the White Pines cabled cardigan, which I’m thinking of modifying for DK or sport instead of worsted…and if I start focusing on the math of it now, I’ll want to cast on RIGHT NOW, which means knitting time taken away from Shorty and Gose.

    I must practice patience!

  3. Liz, my grandmother always said, “Patience is a virtue”… something that has brought me sanity all these decades. She also said, “A stitch in time saves nine”… and that is more true than sooth!!!
    Good luck with you holiday knitting.

  4. I am really interested in your steeking experiment. I have a pullover that needs a steeking, both because the neck is too high and because I’m more likely to wear it as a cardigan. I’m not sure what your plans are with regard to sharing your steeking progress, but I will likely be steeking along with you!

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