Queue Check — September 2018

Queue Check — September 2018

Confession: I’m in jeopardy of not finishing my Hozkwoz Hat for the Marlisle Knitalong on time! (Speaking of which, review the prize instructions on that if you’re participating!) After a botched first start, I got the top of it squared away (literally!) and blocked before boarding my flight to SF, thinking I would knit the rest of it on the plane. Then it occurred to me that it would be the perfect thing to knit during the trip — you know, those times when you’re visiting with people and participating in the goings-on but your hands still want to be knitting? So I concentrated on my purple Anna Vest on the flight out there, finishing the back and starting the right front, and then I didn’t knit another stitch until my last day, when I got to spend the afternoon knitting with Mary Jane — and briefly with Anna Maltz! I knitted another good chunk of the right front that day, finished it on the flight home, and blew through the first half of the left front, which is the stage at which it’s pictured above. I’ve since finished the left front and returned to the hat, but it’s surprisingly slow going for a seemingly simple tube of knitting. So while I thought I would be done with it too quickly and likely casting on a second Marlisle project, I’m instead feeling nowhere near done! Of course, I’m not eligible for prizes and we’re nowhere near hat weather here — plus it’s fun to knit — so there’s no need to rush. And I’ve been so enjoying all of the creativity on display in the #fringemarlislekal feed this month.

There is some urgency about the vest, though. I’ve been promising you guys for too long that the pattern would soon be available for individual download, but now it really is coming! Here’s the hard evidence. The point of knitting this new sample was to recheck the pattern (which has been graded and edited since I first wrote it) and add an alternate button band option. And I’m aiming to have it published in the next few weeks!

So that’s it for me for now — just finishing up these two little gems, unsure what’s next.

Has there ever been a Queue Check that’s really so purely just a WIP Check? I’m not sure there’s been a minute since I started knitting in 2011 that I haven’t had a list of things I intend to cast on (or an assortment of things already on the needles). Don’t get me wrong: There are obviously plenty of patterns I love and think would fun to knit and all of that. But I will likely only make one more sweater this year (if that) and I want to be more deliberate than ever about making sure it really is a good mate for the rest of my clothes, suits my climate needs, and rounds out my existing sweater inventory. And I haven’t quite decided what that is yet! So next up is the plain little hat my husband has been patiently waiting for, while I decide on a sweater. Or perhaps I’ll cast on a Grete, if there’s a suitable yarn for it in my stash.

Hozwkoz Hat in Sincere Sheep Covet and Kelbourne Woolens Scout
Anna Vest in Kelbourne Woolens Germantown
Drawstring bag, blocking board and Lykke needles at Fringe Supply Co.


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6 thoughts on “Queue Check — September 2018

  1. I was going to ask how your hat was coming along. I finished my mitts and want to block them before I present them as a pair on Instagram. I have to say, really fun and fast knit. I’m sure your hat will do you proud.

  2. Looking forward to the Anna vest pattern! I’ve never been a sleeveless vest person, but this pattern is speaking to me :) Your hat is coming along great!
    I’m in the opposite position you are in – my two most beloved and most word pieces of knitwear (a black sweater and black cardigan) finally wore out last year, and they really made my wardrobe work. I’ve cast on a ‘Friday anew’ sweater in black ‘semilla” by bc garn, and hope it’ll be done by the time sweater weather is here. Still thinking of the perfect pattern for a new cardigan. In the meantime, I’m embracing and enjoying making my wardrobe work differently and finding new combinations.

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