Elsewhere: Book sale and yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Fun news: There’s another standalone marlisle pattern now available! It’s a hat called Pheasant Plucker, which combines marlisle with stranded colorwork in a feather motif, and there’s still time to knit it for the Marlisle Knitalong! Relatedly, I’m hoping to get to listen to Mimi’s Yarnchix podcast discussion with Anna this weekend.

And what’s with all the book pics up there? We need to free up some shelf space so we’re having a little sale — use code HITTHEBOOKS to get 20% off everything in the Books section at Fringe Supply Co., now through Sunday.

And with that, how about some Elsewhere? —

– Kate Davies is doing ready-to-wear sweaters and I’m a little obsessed with Finnich

I love this post of Lee Vosburgh’s about how she’ll wear her summer favorites for fall (and the shape and proportions of that black turtleneck are 100% perfect in my view.)

This year’s Refashioners challenge has me thinking about having a go at it

The story of Chloe’s yarn cabinet is magic

– And also the story of Annie Rowden’s redwood-dyed California yarn souvenir

– Anyone know where I can get some horse chestnuts?

This photo makes me want to knit socks

This photo makes me want to mend some

And I’m tempted by Tamarack all over again

Happy weekend, everyone — thank you for spending your time here this week!


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10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Hi Karen, in Colorado I call horse chestnuts “Buckeyes”. We have a tree down the road we collect this time of year. I didn’t know about the moth repelling quality in them, I love that! I collect them because they are so beautiful and I love them 😊

    • I love horse chestnut trees! Are the moth repelling ones the same horse chestnuts that fall off the trees in spiky ball form? Do you just crack them open and the smooth buckeye is inside?

      • Yes, they are they are the same 🙂 If they’re still green just leave them to ripen and they will crack open by themselves, though you may have to use a bit of persuasion to get them all the way out. Take care when stashing them, too – they can stain light fabrics sometimes.

  2. Make a Tamarack, you won’t regret it! I’ve sort of wished mine was longer, especially since seeing the one that Alyssa Minadeo made, so I’m enjoying following Jen B’s version. In cotton with cotton batting, it seems like a good idea for your not-too-warm layering strategy. Or maybe even without batting, like the quilted jackets Mira Blackman has been posting…

  3. OMG! Eugene is LOUSY with horse chestnuts. I and various housemates have racked our brains over the years trying to figure out things to do with them, but I never, ever thought of this! Genius!

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