Thanks+giving back

Thanks+giving back

Today is the day of giving thanks in the US, and I want you to know how grateful I am for every time you take five minutes out of your day to read this blog, every kind comment or email saying you got something of value from it, and every order anyone has ever placed at Fringe Supply Co. At the end of every quarter, I say a special kind of thank you by making a donation to Heifer International (specifically their Knitters Basket of fiber animals) and then sharing on Instagram that that’s happened, so everyone knows we’ve done that together. It’s not my money I’m donating — it’s yours, or ours, and I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward.

As you also hopefully know, we’ve done assorted other kinds of fundraisers over the years, and today I’m simply making an extra donation and asking you to consider doing the same. There have been so many devastating catastrophes here in the US in the past couple of years — flood victims we lose track of a week later when another hurricane or forest fire hits. So in the hopes that it may help those affected by Hurricane Michael and others, as well as the tragic fires currently destroying California, I’ve sent a sizable donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

I know this is a complicated holiday, but if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s gratitude. I hope you have a happy and reflective day, wherever you may be.

(Plates and mug by our friends at Handmade Studio TN. Pie from Dozen Bakery Nashville, which you should definitely visit if you’re ever in town. All bags, pouch and yarn, of course, are from Fringe Supply Co. Photo by Hannah Messinger — see the Winter Lookbook for more. Yay for local biz ladies!)


16 thoughts on “Thanks+giving back

  1. Thank you, Karen, for your generosity and continuing to share your thoughts and interesting finds!

  2. I love all you do Karen, and thanks for the inspiration to make a donation today (I love giving away money but never know who to give it to) so I just sent a chunk over to the Disaster relief fund as well. Hope you have a great holiday. xoxo

  3. And I am grateful for you, for your generous and creative spirit. This blog is my first stop with coffee every morning. Thank you! Peace…

  4. It was discovering your blog back in 2014 that got me motivated to keep learning and branch out from just making 10 foot garter scarves-thank you!

  5. Thank you for always writing such inspiring posts, for helping to keep me on track with both my knitting and sewing, and for giving back so generously. You set a mighty fine example for us all.
    Hope you and yours have a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving.

  6. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to your post every day and I have been so inspired by the things you have shared.❤️

  7. Thank YOU, Karen, for being such an inspiration and for putting your wonderful self, in the form of this blog as well as your wonderful products out into the world. I look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox every time you post a new blog. I met you once a couple years ago while you were sitting at a booth at Stitches West. You were sitting next to some shelves with your products, I think in Kristine Vejar’s booth. I bought one of the yarn kits Kristine had dyed for your Log Cabin Mitts. I remember walking away after meeting you thinking to myself that you gave off such a peaceful vibe. It was like you were this little spot of calm in the middle of what was my first overwhelming yarn show experience. Thank you for being you, and Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  8. I wake up, take a shower, get dressed. I hug and kiss my husband and we sit side by side at our computers and that’s how we start our day. (A wonderful husband I want to do this with each day!) He’s made me coffee (every morning) but its a bit too hot to drink so I open emails. Not many but looking for the “start my morning” email: Karen of Fringe Association. With a happy sigh, I watch the latest post of Fringe pop open on my browser. I am so grateful for the time and love you put into this blog. What a happy way to start so many of my mornings of the year! Today I laughed out loud when you said “five minutes.” My wanderings and enjoyment of your posts is usually much longer than five minutes.
    Thank you for who you are, your huge heart – and your wonderful blog posts!
    And your generosity in giving – Yahoo!

    • I got a chuckle out the “five minutes” bit, too. Five minutes for an Elsewhere Friday? But never a wasted moment. Thanks for so much.

  9. Thanks to you for all your awesome posts. I’ve just finished a sweater which has been a much better experience thanks to your great posts about row gauge!

  10. Thank you Karen, for using your voice and your platform to make the world a better place. You continue to inspire me not only with your fantastic eye for the things I need in my knitting world and your beautiful knitting, but more importantly, with your actions. xo

  11. Karen, You are the one that has given us untold hours of pleasure. I love your courage in striking out and knitting complicated things and making your own clothing. I think we started knitting about the same time and I still haven’t completed a sweater! But you, you just take hold of any challenge that comes your way and not only knit it or sew it, but modify it until it’s perfect. I have great admiration for you! And I love all my treasure I’ve purchased over the years from Fringe. Thank you!

  12. You have set me on the path toward thoughtful making and purchasing, both through example and through recommendations! A lot of the things I cannot make for myself now come from Everylane, Nisolo, etc. I have stopped purchasing synthetic fabrics entirely. Overall the quality and simplicity of my life has gone up- thanks to you. :) (I am even taking some cues from your bathroom remodel!)

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