New Favorites: Sock season

Does it mean anything, do you think, that the rate at which I bookmark sock patterns has seen a noticeable increase lately? I don’t think I feel any more inclined to knit a pair, but I’m all heart eyes for these: 


TOP: Near and Far by Hanna Lisa Haferkamp — I honestly don’t know which is more mesmerizing: the cable or the color

MIDDLE LEFT: Celebration Socks by Winter’s Weather Knits — I love the look of these as well as the backstory

MIDDLE RIGHT: Vinr by Andrea Mowry are toe-up, braid-laden, and ribbed on the bottom for a foot-hugging fit

BOTTOM: Year’s End by Veera Välimäki are simple enough to show off a groovy yarn but still interesting enough in the knitting


TOP: Pollen Socks by Annie Rowden are so pretty with allover 1/1 cables (except the bottom of the foot) which I find profoundly pleasant to knit!

BOTTOM: Striped Crew Socks by Purl Soho — I’m always a sucker for their simply striking socks (free pattern)

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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Sock season

  1. Socks are the best travel project! I always take a pair of socks with me to knit on vacation.

  2. Sock yarns not only called to me, but I answered: I now have two pair on the needles! Yes, concurrent. One with cables, one with all-over broken rib. Both are delightful in a merino/nylon blend on 16″ US1 circs.

    • 16″ circs? Sounds too small for magic loop – too big for an average sock . . . does it work for a really stretchy sock?

  3. I would love to knit all these socks! And, Santa, would you please oh please leave that white and grey wool blanket under my tree?

  4. Karen, you should totally enter the magic world of sock knitting.
    It is small, allows you to play with e lot of techniques on a (relatively) small scale, and they are so great to wear….and repair ;-)
    Plus, they help me get my knitting mojo back, when it’s gone. But right now I’m all about sewing ! It is partly because, well, I was so crazy with socks I know have too much of them !

  5. I have knit two pairs and one pair is on the needles-3 years later. But there are amazing sock yarns out there.

  6. I’m currently in the ban of Kerstin’s (Stine&Stitch) book SOXX BOOK – all those colorful fair Isle socks…. Perfect projects for in the handbag..

  7. I learned how to knit socks–finally–for SoB. I’m on my fifth pair. (Which also qualifies as NOT gift knitting, because they’re for me.)

    Just knit a pair of socks. You know you want to. Peer pressure, peer pressure! :P

  8. I love sock knitting in summer when we are away camping on our Xmas holidays (down here in the Southern Hemisphere) – portable, light and not a big pile of woolly warmth in my lap.

    I usually knit my husband a pair each summer for the following winter. As he doesn’t mind mixing colours up, I’ve taken to making a “casserole” pair for him, using up all my sock yarn scraps. Have a half-finished sock on the needles for him right now.

  9. Hi Karen, All the photos have disappeared from your WordPress blogposts – is anyone else having this problem? I can see the photos in your shop, and the lookbook. I have tried on different browsers, and on different devices (ipad, android phone). I have also looked at other wordpress blogs, and can see their photos. Could this be to do with the upgrade to Gutenberg/Wordpress 5? I hope this can be worked out, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

    • How odd! I can see the photos, and have checked multiple browsers and my phone, etc. Have you already tried restarting your browser?

      Is anyone else not seeing images on the posts?

    • Try clearing your cache, but also doublecheck your WP account to make sure you’ve enabled images rather than text only.

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