New Favorites: Turtleneck season

New Favorites: Turtleneck season

It’s funny how a few days (and a lengthy forecast) of sub-freezing temps and sub-zero windchills can make one’s too-warm-for-the-South sweater collection suddenly seem, hm, almost inadequate. Which is to say, my turtleneck longing has kicked into high gear. I’m still in love with Michele’s Charles and Kate’s Carrowkeel and that bronze-y sketch/swatch of mine, and looking again at Norah’s Riptide, but then there are also these two recent gems:

ABOVE: High Neck Pullover by Tomoko Noguchi is just so cool. I love the mix of the textures and the overall look of it is so much I don’t even mind the drop-shoulder action.

BELOW: Bernadette by my pal Kate Gagnon Osborn (from the launch of Andorra, on my Yarns in Waiting list!) is one of those light-as-air yet oh-so-cozy garments. She was working on it while we were at Rhinebeck and I’ve been dreaming of slipping it on ever since.

New Favorites: Turtleneck season

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  1. I just love the simplicity and clean lines of the High Neck Pullover. The styling of the photographs is magic: her pants, her head wrap, and her surroundings are all so ‘fetching’!

  2. My WIP to finish this month is Brooklyn Tweed’s Hudson turtleneck (all I need to do is stitch the armpits and block). Doing a little housekeeping in my Ravelry favourites I came across MOS by Michelle Wang (she’s a pretty awesome designer). It could be a queue jumper!

  3. The high neck pullover is stunning…I’m a hopeless nipponophile, at least when it comes to textiles and fiber.

    I’ve just swatched the Indicum pullover in keeping with my goal to make things that I’ll actually wear.

  4. I enjoy your blog posts very much. Probably because of the subject but most likely due to your writing voice and style. It’s real. Keep up the wonderful writing.

  5. Michele Wang’s Charles pullover has officially entered my queue, and I’m giving serious consideration to Whitney Hayward’s Rainier.

  6. I still have the Churchmouse turtleneck on deck from your post on the best basic turtlenecks. Karen, you are an amazing source of information. Your open source library is just so generous and inspiring! (and on point :)) Happy New Year!

  7. I bought the Charles pattern and the same colored yarn from your December 20th post (after vowing no new purchases), but have a Shibui pullover and a Kate Davies shawl to finish first. Having been plagued with intense sub-scapular pain for almost two months (thank you, holiday gift knitting blitz) but it’s finally nearly gone so I hope to get back on the knitting bandwagon soon and catch up so I can start the Charles! Maybe I stand a chance of it being ready for NEXT winter!

  8. I enjoy your blog so much–lots of food for thought: techniques, slow knitting, ethical buying etc. As for cozy sweaters, I’m sitting here near a fire with a temperature of minus 40 outside (same for F or C) and wanting the new Quince Rainier turtle that showed up in my email today. I’ve already purchased the pattern. Now I need to save for the wool. Happy New Year.

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