Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

Got back from Rhinebeck late Monday night — more properly known as New York State Sheep and Wool Festival — exhausted from the fun of seeing so many beloved people and meeting so many new ones. I know I say this a lot, but it’s always a pleasure to get to put faces to some of the many names I see on comments, orders and Instagram accounts, and to hear from you what it is you enjoy about this blog, so thank you to everyone who stopped to introduce themselves! And also to everyone who shopped the Fringe Supply Co. shelves in the Harrisville booth — it was such a mob scene I never even got to take a picture of it!

Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

My housemates* and I arrived a day early this year, which gave us a chance to hike up Overlook Mountain (amazing) and wander the streets of Hudson (adorable). The festival, for me, was pretty much just like last time: totally overwhelming on Saturday, relaxing and lovely on Sunday. It was quite warm — I was sleeveless both days — but no complaints, after I nearly froze last time. I bought a spectacular sheepskin from Sawkill Farm after having been close to getting one from her newsletter awhile back, and a sweater quantity of Harrisville’s denim-y blue wool heather they made special for the show. And in Germantown Sunday eve, I bought a gigantic vintage colorwork cardigan that was hanging on a rack on the sidewalk at Luddite Antiques, which I plan to bundle up in for porch knitting now that the weather in Nashville seems to have finally turned a corner. (Knock wood.) All in all, a most excellent trip.

Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

The same heartfelt thank-you goes to everyone who stopped by our booth at Fiber in the ’Boro on Saturday, which I’m so sad I had to miss! I love that sweet festival so much. As lovely as Rhinebeck is, I can’t say this often enough: There are wonderfully charming sheep and wool festivals all over this country and around the globe. Clara Parkes keeps a sizable list but I’m sure not even that is comprehensive! So please seek them out, have a blast, pet some sheep, and support your local/regional farmers and fiber folk.

p.s. Bravo to this gentlemen who was spotted carefully guarding his partner’s Field Bag at the festival while he napped and she shopped—

Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

*Pictured left to right in the group photo: @fancyamber, me, @knitknotes, @jen_beeman, @kategagnonosborn, @fancyjaime, @courtneykelley


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22 thoughts on “Scene and bought at Rhinebeck

  1. I was so sad to miss Rhinebeck…it always falls on my sons birthday weekend :( One of these days I’ll make it there! I love your sheepskin. I bought one from Sawkill after seeing them on your blog last year and it has held up beautifully through much use (and I bought a cream colored one- risky move with two kids in the house). That denim blue is gorgeous- excited to see what you’re going to do with it!

  2. Karen–Loved meeting you at Rhinebeck. It was amazing weather this year. I love how many knitters soldiered on wearing their handknits in the 70 degree weather. Happy knitting, Heidi Cohen

  3. I was there on Sunday and totally enjoyed the experience! Looked for you at your booth and unfortunately did not have the pleasure of meeting you! Perhaps next year! Saw some very tempting yarns to purchase, but some were so expensive $150 for a one ounce skein! Just couldn’t justify that even though I am a proficient knitter. But I do find some great yarn (3).
    Enjoy your blog very much!

  4. That denim blue yarn is divine, a perfect shade. I hope to one day make it to Rhinebeck but for now I thoroughly enjoy Maryland Sheep and Wool in my neck of the woods!

  5. Love the shot of the guy. Partners of knitters put up with a special sort of circumstances, don’t they? From errant balls rolling into their territory on the bed or couch, to warnings yelled when they walk into the house while frogging is going on. (At least, I don’t know how others do it, but my frogging sometimes involves trails of yarn that cover several rooms.)

  6. Hi Karen! I stopped by Harrisville on Saturday, hoping to say hello. Indeed – it was a mob scene! I’m so glad you posted about where your merchandise would be because I made a bee line to it right away and wouldn’t have otherwise known to look for your stuff! I love your blog and read it regularly. Your posts are always so thoughtful and insightful. I thought a lot about how and where you choose to spend your money can be a powerful reinforcement on the principals that you believe in. Keep it up!

  7. The Merlin Tree travels to several fiber shows over the year but the Rhinebeck show is the wildest, craziest, most fun of all! Seeing, getting scrumptious hugs and chatting with our old pals while teaching new friends to spin makes for a bone-tiring but wonderful weekend. Our bbooth is always the noisiest amongst all the noise and most chaotic amongst all the chaos…just how we like it. The only problem is I never have a chance to leave the booth to shop!

  8. I love the photo of the Harrisville yarn on your beautiful new sheepskin! I’ve already been plotting what I might want to make with my two skeins…

  9. OMG – That is my very patient, endearing & loving husband! I purchased two sweater quantities of yarn for him, in his color choice & a skein of bulky hand spun for a hat he can wear in North Uist during the cold, windy & rainy winter months. Because, you know…..we would all agree – I HAVE ENOUGH YARN!
    Karen – I was too bashful to say hey to you and the Fringe Team – hopefully next year I’ll have the guts. We had the most amazing time at Rhinebeck together. SO RAD! This year was my (yarn) husband’s first & my second time. He’s no stranger to sheep though…his father & uncle had loads in Scotland. His brother & sister still do.
    Happy Knitting Fringe Team! We hope everyone enjoys their wooly finds : ) I know I will!
    Til next year! (here’s hoping for colder weather)
    P.S. I absolutely adore my Field Bag – best purchase ever of any kind. I have it with me AT ALL TIMES……

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