New Favorites: the Two-Point Cowl

New Favorites: the Two-Point Cowl

I have two chief concerns right now, winter wardrobe-wise, being opposite sides of the same coin: First, how to knit myself a couple of sweaters that aren’t too warm for my climate and work well with my collection of pants. (What shape? What yarn? The internal debate is interminable.) Second, what to do with the assorted beautiful wool in my stash such that it is wearable in my climate. Of the two, the one I’m trying most to focus on is the latter, since it makes use of stash — and specifically of yarn I have because I’m dying to knit with it! So I keep going back to my dickey and what I said about Brandi’s neck pieces — the notion of sewing myself a couple of simple things that would fill in for lighter-weight sweaters (e.g., a sweatshirt instead of a pullover; a kimono jacket instead of a cardigan), and layering them with wool neck accessories that are easier and more flexible to wear than were I to commit the same yarn to a full sweater. Which brings me to Churchmouse’s Two-Point Cowl, pictured above in two different gauges. The simple but effective pattern — which wears more like a wrap than a cowl, and also looks great more bunched up — is easy to adapt to any gauge, making it a good candidate for the variety of yarns I have in waiting. And it’s a great pattern for just letting a good yarn shine.

(p.s. Sorry for my unintended absence yesterday. I was sick all weekend and didn’t get a post written. All better now!)


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  1. Sorry you were sick, hope you got plenty of rest and your seaming done. I live in Oklahoma and have the same issue about the fabric of my sweaters. I absolutely say away from alpaca it’s just to hot. I tend to knit with a lot of linen and wool held together, like Shibui yarn.

  2. This post came at soooo the right time! Desperately needing, looking for quick winter gear to equip myself with for our new, much colder PNW home! Already bought the pattern! lol

  3. I have different issues woth sweaters. They are never warm enough for -50 degree weather. I’m always too cold and nothing is warm enough for this kind of weather (it’s not -50 yet but I’m already freezing at only -20).

  4. Karen, so glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for reminding me about the dickey – its gone right off my radar as other “bright shiny objects” in the world of fabulous knitting patterns came along. And this cowl is amazing – love the shape of it. This is what I need to be out and about in Pacific NW winters.

  5. I like this piece too. It’s kind of like a mini-poncho. Would also be great in a linen-y yarn for spring summer.

    As for sweatshirt type options, I highly recommend the Toaster 2. It is as easy to throw on as a sweatshirt with a little bit of Audrey Hepburn Chic. That slight funnel neck and split hem are the diff. And the pattern is terrific. I’ve made three already and am living in them.

  6. Your blog is my trusty goto first thing in the morning – perfect alongside breakfast on the Canadian west coast, so yes, when you’re not there you are very missed – stay well! I made the original poncho version of this pattern about 4 years ago in Rowan brushed fleece and love it as a layering piece – easy to slip on and off. I have a wool silk blend in my stash that would make a great lighter piece.

  7. Glad you’re on the mend. I live in a pretty kindly climate and I find wool is wearable much of the year, 4-ply (fingering) cardigans that can be popped on in chillier moments through the summer; then DK, worsted and aran weights through the other seasons. I love that cowl, by the way. I am not sure I could be bothered with a full poncho, just because of my dislike of things that flap about.

  8. Two point cowl looks great. I have made something similar and I love it for when I don’t want to wear a sweater or I need extra warmth. It can fit under a coat or on top of a sweater when its really cold. Also nice when cooking, washing dishes etc. since sweater sleeves aren’t in the way or its not swinging into food like a scarf. Have fun choosing your yarn for this.

  9. Glad you’re feeling better! I’ve been digging those sort of cowl/shawl/bandana hybrids too– I love making and wearing shawls, but I’m a bicycle commuter and I hate feeling worried that my neckwear is going to slip off at an inopportune time! Cowls are perfect for keeping my neck warm without fear of losing my hard work. :-)

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  11. I’m finding I’m interested in the dicky type of cowl lately. Cue in my mom who swore by them and I thought she was so uncool. Lol. I’ve become my mother.

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