New Favorites: All square

New Favorites: All square (knitting patterns)

I’m endlessly amazed at how musicians can be given the same limited set of musical notes and yet come up with an infinite number of new tunes and melodies. I feel a bit the same about these two shawls — oversized rectangular wraps — both of which are based on the simple concept of squares knitted in alternating stockinette and reverse stockinette:

TOP: Ippen Shawl by Claudia Eisenkolb puts two twists on the classic big-basketweave effect: the squares give way to wedges at the center, turning the rectangle into a U shape; and there’s a stripe of color running the length of it that shifts depending on whether you’re in a stockinette or reverse-stockinette block, from a solid line to a ticking stripe [Link updated 11.13, original Ravelry pattern listing was broken]

BOTTOM: Sjal by Antonia Shankland is a subtle collection of nested squares that change scale along the way


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8 thoughts on “New Favorites: All square

  1. I tend to collect yarn in my travels and have long thought of turning the skeins into a memory blanket of sorts but have always had difficulty picturing how best to do it and what sort of look I would want. Seeing Sjal has now solved that issue for me. A great way of showing off each of the yarns for a knitted quilt blanket.

  2. I love the Ippen shawl, from the shaping to that red line. But is the pattern available anywhere?

    • Hm, it is linked to the Ravelry page, which says it’s for sale, but I see now that there’s not actually a buy link along with it. I’d suggest leaving a comment on the pattern page for the designer/publisher to see, and hopefully they can get it fixed.

      • Hi Karen,
        I‘m Claudia, the designer of the Ippen Shawl. Thirst of all, thank you so much for featuring my pattern.
        I already contacted Daruma, the yarn company I designed the shawl for and who runs the Ravelry shop. By mistake they made changes on their Ravelry shop and at the moment aren’t able to activate the pattern by themselves. They already requested Ravelry to set the status back to the old one so that the pattern becomes available to download again.
        So sorry for this inconvenience.

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  4. Claudia and Karen – thanks for getting the pattern available on Ravelry again! It’s now in my library.

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