Sólbein palette ideas and a GIVEAWAY

Sólbein palette ideas and a GIVEAWAY

I had the good fortune of being at Tolt this weekend, where I got to spend some time at the Istex Léttlopi wall along with Andrea Rangel, picking out possible color pairings for Sólbein and the Steekalong. (That sounds like a band name!) As I mentioned in the announcement, Mary Jane designed this cardigan to be knitted in tonal shades of a single color (light, medium and dark), and lopi comes in lots of great colors, but pairing them up is not so easy a thing to do if you’re ordering online. So I hope you’ll find these suggestions helpful. (Thanks so much for my friends at Tolt for letting me do this in the middle of their anniversary madhouse!) These are, of course, on top of the two colorways already pictured in the pattern, both of which are gorgeous.

Some of the combos above are perfectly tonal (such as the pumpkin pie and chocolate combos, 2 and 3); others rely on a pale grey for the lightest shade where no pale version of the color in question exists, and you could also use the (off) white the same way, as we did for the purple combo, 7. Combos 9 and 11 represent the idea of a light/dark neutral motif on a colored field, which would be a different look but possibly quite pleasing.

PLEASE NOTE that I have not actually swatched these so I can’t vouch for how they would hold up — I definitely recommend buying a ball of each and swatching to see — but I think these are all fairly safe bets.

I’m using the Istex color designations here, which are numbers. Sometimes you also see them with name names, but the official color numbers seem like the safest way to label them here since that’s what’s on the ball band:

1. 1700 + 9419 + 0005

2. 1419 + 1704 + 9427

3. 0085 + 0053* + 0052

4. 0086 + 0085 + 0058

5. 0054 + 1700 + 1701

6. 0054 + 1417 + 1416

7. 0051 + 1702 + 1414

8. 0054 + 1406 + 1407

9. 0086 + 0085 + 9418

10. 0054 + 1419 + 9431

11. 0054 + 0057 + 1703

Andrea reminded me I’ve been talking about wanting and black and navy sweater forever, so I think I’m probably doing that top combo myself! (Especially since I have a sweater’s worth of the heathered black leftover from my little quick black raglan.)

*I didn’t get that one into my list, but I’m 95% sure that’s the right color number.

. . .


I also just got an email from Berroco, the yarn company that distributes Istex Lopi yarns in the US and Canada, and they offered up a prize of a sweater quantity of Léttlopi to one of you, dear readers. (Open to knitters with a shipping address in the US or Canada.) To enter, leave a comment below saying which three colors you’re thinking of using for your Sólbein, and I’ll pick a winner at random from all comments received by 5pm CST tomorrow, Nov 8. I’ll update this post with the winner’s name at that time, so check back Thursday evening to see if you won!

UPDATE: Chosen at random, the winner is Jo who posted “Although your color combos are amazing, my choice would be 0052 for the body with 0056 and 1701 as the accents. Thanks for the opportunity!” Congratulations, Jo! Please email me <contact@fringesupplyco.com> for instructions on how to collect your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, and I’m so excited to see all y’all’s sweaters come January!

. . .


There have been questions since Monday about yarn substitutions and alternative steeking methods (as opposed to the sewing machine approach) and we will cover all of that along the way, I promise! But the short answer to the latter is no, you do not have to use the sewing machine approach.

Lots more as we go—


PREVIOUSLY in Fringe and Friends Knitalongs: Get ready to steekalong!

719 thoughts on “Sólbein palette ideas and a GIVEAWAY

  1. Thank you for providing these combos – sooooo helpful! I must have #7 :). Beautiful.

  2. I’m looking at all blues, maybe 1700, 1701, and 1403, but I also like your combos #1 & 5. You’re right though, it is hard to pick colors online!

  3. Combo 3 goes best with the rest of my wardrobe, but Combo 6 is calling to me. Maybe I’ll do both!

  4. I’m drawn to #8 (that lighter green is gorgeous), but I have to admit #10 could be very wearable with the rest of my wardrobe as well.

  5. I’d like option 8 but with the charcoal/black instead of the oatmeal color. I’m trying to branch out from the blue or purple which seem to be my go-tos lately.

  6. I’m using the color combination that’s in the pattern… the black, dark heather grey and lighter grey. Can’t wait to start this sweater!

  7. Oh, the Possibilities! Needing to make a definitive choice, Cheers for #8 Seems I am loving green in my older age. Both are good things!

  8. I love both 6 & 7. Two completely different looks but b0th would get a lot of wear with the pieces already in my closet. It’s going to be a tough choice!

  9. No.1 or no.5, as blue is my favourite colour. But all the combinations give me visions of winter warmth!

  10. While #s 2 and 3 seem the most “Jenny” choices, I have that excited “you are the one” feeling about combo #6. So #6 is the one for me.

  11. Tough choices. I’m always into muted greens, like #6, but that red in #10 might be a good departure from the norm for me- wouldn’t kill me to branch out(?). I would really like to try colorwork, and this sweater looks like a doable intro.

  12. I would definitely go for #5 (0054, 1700, 1701). The colors remind me of a sweater my father wore when I was a child. The colors are so calming to me.

  13. ok so looking at the combinations I would go for #1 BUT yesterday I spent about 30 minutes with a friend in front of the shelves at WEBs playing with combinations! I bought 1 skein of 9418-med drk blue, 1 skein of 0058 -med gray, and 1 skein of 0056-light grey to swatch and try…I’m excited and a bit SCARED about this project!

  14. I love playing with color combos! This post is so fun! I am tempted by so many, but I would most likely go for #9 or #11. Thank you!

  15. What stunning choices and a generous giveaway!!

    I love combo #3, a perfect blend of amazing browns that remind me of the most scrumptious hot chocolate after a long day outside snowshoeing in the mountains I live nearby!

  16. I love this yarn and all the colors. If I had to pick, I guess it would be #5. Sigh. But I love them all.

  17. What a great job you did in picking color combinations for the Sólbein! I have to say I am a #1 girl all the way. Number 5 is great too. If I was going to get out of my rut and say number 11. Did I mention that I love color?

  18. So I’m not going the tonal direction — hot pink (1705) for my main color, the dark brown black (0052) and bright green (1406) for my accent colors. Unless I decide to use cream and purple. I’m ordering them all to swatch!

  19. Although your color combos are amazing, my choice would be 0052 for the body with 0056 and 1701 as the accents. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Congratulations, Jo — you’re the winner! Please email me at *contact at fringesupplyco.com* for instructions on how to collect your prize. to collect your prize!

  20. Combo 8 – it’s what I picked out when the pattern first came out and have prepackaged with the yatn and needles sitting in my queue! The only thing holding me back was nerves about sterling — but you have solved that dilemma!!! So I am ready to start!!

  21. I’m really taken with the beautiful colors of #6! You did a great job pairing the colors! They are all really nice!

  22. Your #4 combo is my fave because I really think this design works best when the contrast between the buttonband and body is low. I pulled out my issue of “Making” to have a better look at the two options shown there and was reminded of what a great issue that was (think Wiksten Kimono Jacket). I teach steeking (there are some tutorials on my blog), and have tried hand sewing, crocheting, no securing at all (a la Alice Starmore), and machine stitching. Definitely prefer the latter, when done properly. If it was OK for EZ, it’s OK for me!

  23. Combo #1 is my favorite. The darker the better! What a beautiful pattern. :) Thank you Karen for another great post and thank you Berroco for the yarn kindness.

  24. I love the original colourway too – so would probably go with 0005, 0054, 0057 or something very close.

  25. Combo #1 is my favorite. The darker the better! What a beautiful pattern. :) Thank you Karen for another great post and thank you Berroco for the yarn kindness.

  26. I am conflicted. I wanted to pick the medium purple shade — love, love, love it!
    But if I win, I will have to say that I am most likely to knit with combo #6. It is a color combination that I would both knit with, and wear, and love every minute of it!

  27. I like combo 10, but I’ve just finished 2 sweaters in that palette, so my second favorite is combo 6!

  28. I would go with 0005 with contrasts 0051 and 9431.
    Or quieter with 005 and contrasts 1700 and 0056.
    Lots of choices!

  29. What a lovely group of choices! They’re all stunning. Combo #1 is the best fit for my wardrobe, but I think I will go with Combo #9, which is close enough and oh so beautiful!

  30. I’m torn between #1 and #5. Eager to see a few folks swatching some of these to see what they look like.

  31. I’m so tempted by 4 (0086 + 0085 + 0058) or 6 (0054 + 1417 + 1416)! I’ve used and loved Léttlopi a few times for smaller projects including the cutest little stuffed lamb for a new baby, but somehow have never used it for a sweater. It’s definitely high on my list.

  32. What an awesome giveaway, thank you for the chance to win! I would love, love, love, to have a cardigan in the pale colors of the original pattern: 85, 86, and 51.

  33. I would choose combination #1 ***heart eyes*** I think it would melt right into the wardrobe. Thank you for the Steekalong (Icelandic Hard Rock?) and giveaway opportunity! xo

  34. i would choose combo #6 – the neutral ones are beautiful but since i made a sweater very similar colored Lopi yarns about 10 years ago i think the next one should be green ;)

  35. I’m not sure if your palettes makes it easier for me:) But I think I’ll go for the top photo with the blues and brown. You certainly are an inspiration for my first sweater! And I’d love to order from Tolt!!!

  36. Wow! Trying to decide on one color combination is too hard. Guess my first choice is combo #2’ love the orange rust colors. Thank you!

  37. Choice #1 for me, so classic. Must say though it was a difficult choice since each spoke to me in a different way.

  38. So hard to decide, I keep flip-flopping between colorful vs light tonals. I think I like white, straw and barley. 51, 1418 and 1419.

  39. All the combos you shared are exciting – several would fit my wardrobe well. I think though that this combo would give me the most wearing opportunities – 0086 + 0085 + 0058. Thanks you to Berroco for their generosity and to you for sharing.

  40. I would definitely go with combo # 1 wich is the perfect match with black or blue denim, my official uniform.

  41. I wonder if you have any tips for solving rowing out. The test I have done, points to my knit stitch being the problem. No advice for solving, only if purl is the problem. Thank you. Jill

  42. I have been doing my best not to commit to this, because of timing, but am in love with this sweater and love combo 7: 0051 + 1702 + 1414. So, if I am lucky enough to win, I will be steeking along. Haven’t ever steeked before, so it would be a great opportunity to do so with guidance.

  43. Torn between #1 and #8 since I’d love to think of a bright sweater that would dress up my jeans.

  44. love having the combinations to look at – you’re right that it’s hard if you’re ordering online! I’d go with #5 so as not to have too much contrast. Although #1 has some appeal!

  45. I love #11–a great way to experiment with WAY more color than is currently present in my world of gray-on-gray sweaters, but nice and contained in a gray “frame.” Currently making me rethink my plan of light gray-dark gray-charcoal.

    And HOORAY for freedom from the sewing machine method! Looking forward to learning some other techniques beyond the bulky crochet method I’ve used in the past with fair isle sewters…

  46. I’m liking combo 1 the best, although they all look beautiful to me. I think I would make it, however, in the original shades of gray. That one is just stunning.

  47. Oh gosh, thank you for these palettes! Picking Lopi combos online never fails to confound me, so this so super helpful. My heart’s saying either combo 1 or 5 – something about those gorgeous blues.

  48. Thank you Karen. I also like combo 1 the best. I think they will suit my natural gray hair. All the best!

  49. I’ve been plotting a purple cardigan for ages – I’m excited about no. 7 (0051 + 1702 + 1414) above, I think that gradient will be lovely!

  50. Sólbein is a beautiful pattern! None of the combos have enough red for me, so I’d choose 1409 or 1408 for the main colour with a grey (0054) and a white (0051).

    • I honestly can’t decide between 2 or 8! It so hard to decide. But I’ve really been feeling greens lately so I’ll go with 8 ;)

  51. Hi Karen – Any suggestions for non-wool or a lighter wool blend yarn? I am allergic to this type of wool and need to knit with a blend to ‘soften it up’. Many thanks!

  52. I love palette #2 with the darkest color as MC. I need a bold colored sweater in my life right now!

  53. Thank you so much for doing this!! I spent a long time on the Tolt website and could not make a choice. #6 for me with #11 close behind.

  54. I would use #11; the yellow/gold calls to me. Pairing yellow with gray is greatly appealing.

  55. I would choose #1 as I have wanted a navy and black sweater for ages as well. All are beautiful, though!

  56. I would select #2. (1419 + 1704 + 9427) photographed above. It’s about fall right now and I think a steeked sweater is too, for some reason. Thanks to you and Berroco!

  57. Hi, thank you, what a generous give away. I would love a red sweater, so number 10 is my go to choice.

  58. Thank you so much for color combos – so many beautiful combinations to choose from! My pick is #9.

  59. Wow, great sweater. Would love 0054+1700+9419 to knit and steek. Thanks for the chance.

  60. I’m definitely a fan of number 1, although I’d love to throw in a mustard yellow, too!

  61. I pretty much fell head over heals when I saw the FAFKAL pattern AND yarn. I knew I would be making. I would choose the combo with yellow (#11).
    Sure hope I win!!!!

  62. I love colour combo #9 as well — but thanks for putting these together and getting the wheels spinning — so fun to start planning for this Steekalong (will be the second cardi I’ve steeked; last one was quite a few years ago).

  63. I really like the first combination, or number 5. I can see both of them getting a lot of wear in my wardrobe. Really neutral, but versatile.

  64. Loving No. 1 with darkest shade for the body, but No. 5 and No. 9 aren’t bad either! I LOVe this sweater pattern too and cannot wait to try my first steek!

  65. I bought my yarn for the Steekalong before you posted this, so fingers crossed that it has pleasing contrast! 1700,1701,51

  66. Thanks for making up these palettes, it’s really helpful to see so many ideas. I think I’d go for number 6 (0054, 1417 and 1416).

  67. Combo 2, definitely! I am so excited for this KAL — steeking was my 2019 goal and I LOVE working with the Lopi, so this is going to be perfect!

  68. I’m drawn to number 11. I’m looking ahead to a long, dark winter in Michigan and would love a cozy Lopi cardigan to wrap up in. Plus, that yellow would bring a little sunshine. ☀️

  69. While I love all of your combinations and you’ve increased your awesomeness even more (if that is possible), I fell in love with the darker version of the original, which says the colors are the following:
    Lett Lopi by Istex (100% Icelandic wool; 50 g / 109 yd (100 m))
    Black Sheep for MC, 58 Medium Gray for CC1, and 9974 Speckled Gray for CC2.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  70. I’d probably go with the black and navy too because that’s what I wear. I also really love no. 9!

  71. Oh! I too have been saying that I need a navy sweater, so I will do No. 1 and probably sub yellow for the gray because that combo makes my heart sing!

  72. I’m torn between 2 and 8, Fall or Spring? I think Combo 2. So many people are leery of orange but that combo was totally made for my brown skin with gold undertones. Thanks for the giveaway! Lettlopi is a wonderful yarn.

  73. Yay! Excited for my fist KAL. I’ll be using combo number 5 I think. But i love so many of the choices. This did really help for those of us ordering online!
    Thanks for organizing this!

  74. I like Combos #5 (but maybe with 1418 instead of 0054…?) and #11.
    But I went over to their site and played a bit, and I like the idea of 1706. 1404. and 0054/1418, too.

  75. Oh! there are far too many amazing lopi colors to come up with my own palette on the spot, so your color combo #9 is really speaking to me :)

  76. #2 is my absolute favourite. I don’t usually make colorful garments but I have always wanted a orangey toned sweater.

  77. This KAL is very tempting. I love the cool calm of combination #5 – colors 0054 + 1700 + 1701.

  78. I think number 3 for me! It would go perfectly with all my jeans, which means I could wear it nearly every day (if it ever gets cold enough in SF this year).

  79. I love so many of these, but based on the recent wardrobe palette I created I’d go with #3. I might need to make some accessories with #2 though!

  80. My favorite is #11 even though I would be pleased with any of the options you culled for us. Thank you.

  81. Well, this just blasts my original colour idea using charcoal and greys right outta the water!! hahaha These are all stunning colour combos!

  82. I’ve always wanted to do something
    Grey-llow – number 11 is speaking to me!

  83. Ooh. The yarn looks so yummy. Out of these combos I’d go with #1, but I think if I were picking the yarn myself I’d go for a really monochrome blue, maybe 9420, 9419, and 1701.

  84. I am thinking about willowy #6, though they are all beautiful. This is such a wonderful pattern – I can’t wait to get my yarn and start in!🙂

  85. All great combinations but to compliment my coloring and pieces already in my wardrobe, I choose #1.

  86. Number 2 looks like a good choice for me to fill a color void in my wardrobe and because I gravitate toward that one. With my white/gray hear I like to wear color so I don’t look too washed out. Thanks for doing this as I did go to a couple websites and try to figure out combo’s and found it very challenging without physically seeing them.

  87. I am in on the knitalong! Have wanted this sweater since I received Making. I love the original combos but if left to choose here, no.9!

  88. They’re all beautiful, but #5 is me. Well, pretty much any blues are my favorite.

  89. My favorite is #10, but love the original too. It’s such a neat sweater and actually I don’t have anything in the #10 combo and it would be a great addition. I’m thinking about knitting one for my daughter for her birthday next year and that would be the #5.

  90. Thank you, thank you! I was looking on the Tolt website yesterday and trying to figure out different color combo’s….now I have a better idea of combinations. My first choice would be #1 and then #8

  91. They’re all gorgeous, but the earthy greens of number 6 (0054 + 1417 + 1416) make my heart sing. I’ve never made a knit cardigan; but would love to try this one!

  92. I’m thinking #1 above would be a great choice. Like the charcoal black with the blues, however I could see substituting their more aqua color and cream for the blues. Need to think a bit more on this.

  93. I could see using combo #2 or #10 for myself! I knit a sweater with Lettlopi earlier this year and would love to knit another!

  94. I like #2, even if I don’t have a lot of orange in my wardrobe now is the time of year when I want everything to brighten up in contrast to the gray PNW.

  95. I have never steeled before. But I’m game to give it a go. I would do this sweater for my daughter who lives in snow country- me?- I live in the desert. She would like the number 6 color way and I like it too!

  96. I have never steeked before. But I’m game to give it a go. I would do this sweater for my daughter who lives in snow country- me?- I live in the desert. She would like the number 6 color way and I like it too!

  97. My favorite is #1: 1700 + 9419 + 0005, absolutely. (#5 is a close second–two sweaters isn’t a bad idea!)

  98. #7-I have the dark plum but I love the cotton candy appeal of the center one 1702 -maybe combine with 1402!

  99. I feel boring saying I’d choose #4, but that’s the one I’d wear. If I were knitting for someone else, I’d go with 9 or 10, I think those would be more fun to knit

  100. They’re all gorgeous, and normally I’d gravitate towards neutrals and greens like number 6, but something about the yellow and gray of 11 is so appealing and cheerful! I’d probably choose that.

    I’ve been knitting a lot with Léttlopi this season since I spent a few months in Reyjkavík (moving back to New York next week) and it’s such a great yarn, especially for sweaters and colorwork! Nice and sticky for steeking.

  101. Combo #8 (0054 + 1406 + 1407) looks fun. I also love the of black, gray, and white combo shown on the pattern page.

  102. Definitely #3 although I’m going to print out these color combos for future fairisle type sweaters…they are all great picks. I have Andrea’s Woolen Explorer sweater in my queue and I can see any one of these combos great for that sweater as well.

  103. Love the Greens – 8. 0054 + 1406 + 1407 – Same combo as Skógafjall by Dianna Walla

  104. Yikes how to choose! Thank you for the combos very helpful, I would like one of each! But I think #9 would be my 1st choice. Really looking forward to this.

  105. Number 1 is calling my name with number 6 a close second. Can’t wait to join in this KAL.
    It was so wonderful to meet you on Saturday at Tolt!

  106. I would pick number 8! But am strangely drawn to 11. I don’t think there’s a bad choice!

  107. My first pick would be 3 with darkest shade for body, but I also like 1. I would have said 8 if I hadn’t already knitted a sweater in it last winter, a color scheme picked based on what Tolt carries :)

  108. Combo number 4: 0086 + 0085 + 0058
    I’ve been meaning to make this sweater since I got my copy of Making. Thrilled you are using it for the KAL. I can’t wait!

  109. Oh gosh, I’m weirdly obsessed with that middle yarn in #7, but the most me combo is #9; that pairing of neutrals and blue fits right into my wardrobe without being redundant.

  110. I was in the yarn shop in Alafoss this summer getting yarns for other projects but I kept admiring the rich orange colors represented in color combo 2. I think I will go for that combo.

  111. Loving #5. Thank you for the giveaway and for making and photographing these bundles. So excited to cast on!

  112. Oh my these are lovely. I’ve been leaning so green lately and of course I am drawn to 6. 0054 + 1417 + 1416

  113. Ouff this is not easyyyyyy….
    I would say number 2 or 6 that would be my first sweater!!!! 🤗🤗

  114. I keep changing my mind every time I look, but I think #6 is it for me. Although, I do love that rust color in #2.

  115. I ordered a few things to play around with! I think my favorite (in theory) is Rough Sea 1415 for the body with Golden Heather 9426 and Light Beige Heather 0086 — but I ordered some additional shades to swatch with as well. Loving Golden Heather in particular so hoping to incorporate it one way or another. :)

    • One of my favorite tips for anyone ordering online is to look up the yarn on ravelry, then search for color name or number in the projects. That can be a great way to see how a color “reads” in multiple combinations and lighting conditions. Just realized Rough Sea reads more grey than I thought so, maybe NOT that color combo after all.

  116. yah i scrolled all the way down here to let you know that i choose chocolate brown/red or rust/and cream. a combination of these lovely lopi’s.

  117. I love both the black/grays used in the original pattern and the black/blues shown in number 1 above. Not an easy decision for me, but I have to go with #1. And thank you for putting together such beautiful combos for us! I’ve been completely terrified of steaks, but with a community I think I can do it!

  118. Oooooh, tough call! I’ve been wanting to do a sweater in the #1 palette for a while, although I had subbed in the lightest gray color instead of the light blue. I still love it, but for this particular pattern I think I’d go with #8. I just love the lopi greens. I’d have to swatch, but I think I might use the two green shades with the dark gray/black instead of the lt gray. It reminds me of the spectacular exspanses of green mosses growing over jagged, obsidian rock that we saw while backpacking there. To capture that effect, I might also play around with reversing the ordering of the colors.

  119. This is a difficult choice because you have assembled such lovely colorways. But being a mossback in the Pacific Northwest it has to be #6.

  120. Favorited this cardigan when it was released and so excited you choose it for the FAFKAL! I would pick #5 or the Oatmeal version in the pattern — magical!

  121. I Love combo #5because Blue is my favorite color. Would love to knit a Lopo sweater with that.

  122. I love number 1 and number 4. Although I’d love a black, dark grey, pop of red option as well!

  123. I love this yarn, bought some for a friend before. I would choose #4 (0086 + 0085 + 0058) to be able to wear with just about anything in my wardrobe. They are great color combinations here, any choice would be a good one!

  124. Unbelievably, I already have the first color combo sitting in my cart at Tolt. I first was thinking of doing something in reds, but they didn’t quite call to me when I started playing… I opened this blog post and was like *gasp*! *grin* I can’t wait to see how our matching cardigans look.

  125. Lovely options. I want to sit and go through color combinations now. I like the greens of Combo # 8. 🌲🌵🌳🌴

  126. It’s hard to decide but Nos. 1 and 11 are calling out to me. I see so much yellow trending this fall and it’s the perfect shade.

  127. Color group 1, then 3 , then 2, then 4! Gorgeous colors all! Thanks for putting them together, and thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  128. Love them all! Great idea to pair them together for those of us who need a little help! Number 4 has my vote! Thanks!

  129. Lots of comments here. I think I would choose #10. Trying to get away from always choosing anything with purple. All the combinations are really nice

  130. #10 is the best vintage Canadian Fall colors!! 🍁🍂❤️ already have some creative ideas flowing for a yoke sweater

  131. I love the colors of #11. Oh so beautiful!🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  132. That was a VERY hard choice…I liked at least 6 of the combos but my final choice is #2….a great sweater pattern. Mary in Cincinnati

  133. These are nice! I really love the orange combination you put together in particular. For myself, I would (will?) make something higher-contrast: 1409 (garnet) as main color, 0052 (black heather) as first accent color, and 0056 (ash heather) as lighter accent color. How fun. Thanks Karen as always, and to Berroco.

  134. #1 and #11! Navy is my favourite colour to wear and I’m into yellows lately! All great combos!

  135. I love this pattern! I have made it once and would like to make again for my husband. 5 or 10!

  136. Ohhh BOY!! So hard to choose but #4 keeps calling my name. These are going ro be aome gorgeous sweaters!!!

  137. So many beautiful combinations here! I think I would mash up #2 and #11 with 1419 as my main color, + 9427 and 1703 for contrast. That gray, black and blue combination in #1 is so tempting though…

  138. #6 wins me over, with its subtle hints of green. Thank you for this very generous giveaway.

  139. I think combo #7 is calling my name the loudest, although all of the combos are great! That eould be colors # 0051 & 1702 & 1414.

  140. Looking at Ravelry I really liked the ones where it was more of a colour shift than tonal, so I think I would pick 1707 for the main body (I love that colour blended green) then 1407 for the main yoke, and 1706 for the highlights. Or maybe switch the body and yoke.. Whichever looked most like a forest! Certainly there would have to be swatching.

  141. Well, although I am tempted to narrate my thought process (while actually wearing a sweater made from LettLopi – what a coincidence!), I will simply say #2 is the one that keeps catching my eye.

  142. Don’t even have to think about it – No. 5 jumped right off the page into my heart.

  143. My eyes keep resting on 11! I just found the perfect cardigan in that yellow and I haven’t stopped wearing it.

  144. I’m all in for number 11. Though I love the combo in number four, too. No, 11 it is! Bee colors – ish! 😁

  145. I’ve been wanting to make this sweater since I first saw it in Making! I’m torn between #1 and #7. All these combos are beautiful!

  146. I love all of the color combinations! So hard to choose, but I think my favorite is number 6. Beautiful!

  147. #11! I’ve been really into yellow lately, and it’s so beautiful paired with gray!

  148. Oh! Thank you for providing these suggestions! I’m signing on for #11. Can’t wait to cast on my two swatches. 😀
    Zipcat on Ravelry

  149. My eyes rested lovingly on #1, as that is what I’ve always gone for; but found recently that I love (& feel great in) #2, so that would be my choice! Thanks so much for putting those combinations together, SO helpful :-)

  150. Love #7, I can always have more purple in my wardrobe. But I do like #1 as well. 😊

  151. #5 is speaking to me, although I don’t usually go for blues. They are gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity.

  152. Although all are lovely I will have to say I choose # 9. The blue matches my eyes ;)

  153. #1 or black,gray, and white version in magazine. All lovely, but I’m trying to be practical and think about what pairings exist in my closet.

  154. Such a pretty cardigan! I love #5 & #1, putting together my own I would go with 0005+oo57+9431.

  155. I had never considered doing all orange colorwork (or wearing it) until this moment but 1419, 1704, and 9427 are loudly calling my name! This pattern would be the perfect color injection to my (and my boyfriend’s) wardrobe(s). Great post as always and I can’t wait to see what other color combinations people come up with!

  156. Ooh I like combination #8- greens! It’s so helpful to see the colors combined in trios. Thank you!

  157. You can never go wrong with #5…but why does it have to be only 3 colours? I would combine #5 with #9…these colours go with Everything…btw, I am a “jeans” colours kind of girl😋. On another note, all the combination colours you posted are beautiful, when it comes to wool, I love all colours, all wool!

  158. I like combo #8, I am partial to greens. I was planning on doing something with lopi yarn, I just haven’t got a chance yet. Cardi would be perfect, cuddly.

  159. Oh my goodness, 11!

    I’m looking forward to reading more about steeking. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had an Elizabeth Zimmermann green sweater kit since it came out (almost ten years ago!), and the body of the sweater is lurking the stash waiting to be steeked. Its time has come.

  160. I’ve got some LettLopi in my stash (but would welcome more!) and am thinking of dark purple, light purple, and white.

  161. It’s either #4 or #11 for me. Neutral vs. high contrast. Not sure which one would win out in the end.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  162. OMG AN SQ OF LOPI, >>>insert all the drooling emoji<<<
    while I could never wear it personally (orange/yellow/toned person, here, head to toe) I just keep starting at combo #2. That deep rust orange and the oatmeal, they're to die for. I need a dark-haired friend to gift it to…

  163. Oooh #6 or maybe #4! So gorgeous. I have some alafosslopi I bought while in Iceland and have been wishing I picked up lettlopi as well! Seems like a more versatile weight and so many lovely colors.

  164. Love no. 11. Grey is my new black as it goes with everything and have just discovered that I like mustard which I’ve never worn before. It will be a great pop of colour.

  165. I love #7, with purples. I’d like to join the MAL. I’ve never used Lopi, and I’ve never steeked. Having this yarn from Berroco would be a special treat for me.

  166. difficult to select just one assortment. I think #4 is my favorite, with #3 a close 2nd. But… I think there are other great assortments that could be made combining a couple other choices. Thanks for the opportunity!

  167. They are all nice but I would pick either #7 or #10…7 is beautiful, soft and mellow whereas 10 would be beautifully striking. Would love to win any of them! Thanks for the inspiration

  168. Red is so my color! Thus # 10. (0054 + 1419 + 9431)
    I’ll be a wild thing for once and use the red as a main color.

    (Currently I’m a desert dweller but next fall I’ll have moved to the PNW so will need wool as I transition from the desert! This of course will be perfect.

  169. I’m partial to 3 which is pretty traditional. And yet any would be divine! Haven’t worked in Lopi since my sister brought some back from Scandinavia. Do little twist such warmth!💗😊

  170. I haven’t been able to STOP thinking about which colour combinations I would use since you posted yesterday! I’m completely torn between combos 5 and 6! So gorgeous. But maybe 6 as I gravitate to blue so often…greens would be a lovely change!

  171. This is tough, because so many of these are straight up fantastic. I’m thinking tonal blues and greys for the body with orange yolk highlights.

  172. I just love #10 or maybe #2…….I’ve had a thing for the autumn colors lately! All would be lovely!

  173. Very helpful to see these combinations with the color numbers. Thanks. I would like either 4 or 7 as they would be different from all my other cardis.

  174. Each combination looks great.. but I think I’d love to see what 1700 + 9419 + 0057 would look together. Good luck everyone! Thanks Berroco.

  175. I would do the first one as well. That particular set of colors would look well with so much of my wardrobe it’s be one work horse of a sweater.

  176. #1 and #4 are calling me but if I were to push myself a bit out of my usual colors, I would do #11 but swap the yellow for the red from #10. So many beautiful colors!!

  177. I like #1 for it would look great with jeans. But I also like #7 because I’m a purple person.

  178. #6 then followed by #10. am really getting interested in this now that I am thinking colors.

  179. I’ve been wanting to knit with lettlopi for a couple of years….I’m thinking option 11 looks pretty fantastic!

  180. #5 and #8 are completely in my wheel house. The unexpected combo (for me) that I’m really loving is #11. That yellow would be fun against the grey and brighten any day short on sunshine.

  181. I almost always wear black or grey, but I made my little nephew a yoked cardigan in a similar golden color and I love it! SO maybe it would be fun to have a twin sweater for myself! 0054 + 0057 + 1703