Queue Check — December 2019

Queue Check — December 2019

I took a break from my delightful green cardigan WIP to work on the baby sweaters — one of which I finished and the other of which is nigh — so it’s only grown about 5 inches since last you saw it. It would be farther along, but I took it on an 8-hour road trip on Thanksgiving completely forgetting that the WIP in my bag had no yarn attached and no spare skeins along for the ride. Having since wound more yarn and placed it in the bag where it belongs, I’m hoping to race through this gem between now and year’s end!

But as that year-end approaches, I took stock of what else was on the WIP shelf. The first is the unspecified cowl-dickie object I had started last winter before diverting some of the Luft yarn into the garter kerchief that is now never separated from my neck. Seriously, I love that thing more than life itself. So the question remains what to do with this dickie that wasn’t quite doing it for me.

Meanwhile, I also discovered the Carbeth Cardigan I had abandoned back in the spring when it wasn’t going to be done in time to wear. I was shocked to find it was as far along as it is — and also that I had picked up the button-band stitches while clearly having not blocked the body. That’s unheard of for me, so I’m not sure how that happened. But I am coming to terms with the fact that this rediscovered WIP leaves me cold, as it were. I should be thrilled to find a nearly done black cardigan, since that is what I wish for every single morning. But nope. It’s a classic case of “if I can stand to not be knitting it, it must not be right.” And between these two things, I’ve realized that I’ve always known what my heart wants in both cases, which is a cardigan in the black Luft yarn. So I’m just going to sit with that thought while I concentrate on the green cardigan. If I’m diligent enough, I’ll be wearing it by New Year’s Eve.


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12 thoughts on “Queue Check — December 2019

  1. You’re not the only one dreaming of a cardigan in Luft. I’ve been looking at all the cozy patterns from Espace Tricot. Nothing black, though. It’s dark and snowy here at this time of the year, and my knitting must be light or bright to get me through it.

    • I’m totally with you on this. Even though the yarn is slightly larger than called for, I’m seriously considering making the Comfort Zone (just released by Espace Tricot) in the Luft. Not a cheap project :-)

      • Yeah, the cost is what has kept me from considering a sweater’s worth. That and I’m concerned it will be too smooshy-gooshy. Which is what I love about the kerchief, but I’m always so determined for me sweaters to be more … rugged.

  2. Curious about the garter kerchief – are you pinning it or something to keep it in place? Love that shade of green!

  3. Life’s too short to be meh about a project. I say rip out the dickie and save the yarn for something that makes your heart sing!

    • Agreed, that’s why I’m thinking the skeins I have might be reallocated toward a cardigan …

  4. Wait you’re supposed to block a cardigan before picking up the button band stitches? I never do that – have I been doing it wrong all this time?

  5. Haven’t stopped wearing my little black cloud either! It’s my favorite item I knit myself yet. Thank you for a fashionable and functional piece of knitting. It makes me so happy! The only problem, what next?

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