My little black cloud

My little black cloud

Not all black clouds are gloomy, it turns out. In fact, this little cloud I’ve made to line my neck with is just the opposite!

Several months ago, as previously mentioned, I cast on an unknown object in the dreamy Woolfolk Luft I had originally acquired for another project. I knew I wanted it around my neck, but not what form it might ultimately take. I simply cast on 3 stitches and began knitting a garter-stitch triangle à la Purl Soho’s Triangle Garter Wrap, but with an undefined end goal. Along the way, I’ve imagined it growing into a giant triangle, a square (with or without some variation in the stitch pattern), a large rectangle on the bias … Basically, I was waiting for it to tell me what it wanted to be. Meanwhile, it’s been handy to have lying around for those nights when you can only manage a row or two of knit stitches … and then may not touch it again for days or weeks.

As it reached a certain mass and I took to wrapping the super-soft WIP around my neck, I was reminded of the little kerchief I knitted for my mom many moons ago when I was a brand-new knitter. I’ve always wanted to repeat it for myself, and given Luft’s extreme lightness and softness, it seemed like it might be just the thing. Rather than leave it at pure garter stitch, I knitted a wide 2×2 ribbed edge, which gives it a little more grip, less slip. And I ceased increasing when I started ribbing, as I am not fond of the pointy ends on triangle shawls/shawlettes. It may block out a bit bigger, but at present it’s 18″ x 36″, and used 140g of Luft.

In the end, it’s a little gem of a thing and I can’t wait for the first day cool enough to leave the house with it draped around my neck.


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14 thoughts on “My little black cloud

  1. A perfect one skein project. The yarn elevates even simple garter stitch, nicely done!

    I’ve been hesitating to buy a sweater quantity of Luft (it’s an investment) but just one skein is very doable!

    • I was so convinced I didn’t like this yarn and now all I can think about is how much I want a sweater in it. It would be heavenly!

  2. Love how this turned out, Karen. It’s always such a comfort to have a little project that you can pick up as you said “when you can only manage a row or two of knitting”. Thank you for the great idea. I’ll have to look into Luft!

    • And now I no longer have such a project on the needles! So I need to think about what will replace it in that role.

  3. Reminds me of my first knitting project at Stitch, remember my cloud? with that impossibly frothy yarn (crazy for a newbie)? love yours. much more rational and delicious.

    • I was 100% thinking of you and your cloud while writing this — it hadn’t occurred to me until that moment. <3

    • The pattern is linked above, and my mods are as noted — just the ribbing when it reached me desired width.

  4. Would you recommend slipping the first stitch before the kfb? I’d really love to make this!

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