A silk kerchief for my mother

artfibers casanova garter stitch triangle scarf

So this is the little kerchief I knitted my mom for Mother’s Day. She lives in the land of too much air conditioning, where it never hurts to have a little something to throw around your neck. And this is a pretty great little something.

I’m not gonna lie: there was a fleeting moment where I thought about keeping it. The yarn is Artfibers Casanova, which is two kinds of silk and a just touch of mohair. (Not enough to get up your nose.) I bought it back in October without any idea what I’d do with it, and this turned out to be perfect. It’s a little splitty, so the KFB’s were annoying to knit but, in the end, the fabric is magnificently soft and drapey, and the color is just exactly like the skin of an eggplant, with that subtle color variation and slight sheen.

garter stitch knitted triangle scarf

Obviously this is just good ol’ garter stitch. (Oh, hey! I finally made a garter stitch scarf!) “Pattern” details: I cast on 3 stitches on a 35-inch US9 circular needle and did a KFB at the beginning of every row until it reached about 32 inches wide (136 stitches). That took 80 grams, about 215 yards.

And now I’m kicking myself. On a flight on the 1st of December (which I remember for reasons I won’t bore you with), I started a grey alpaca garter triangle for myself. I intended for it to be sort of gigantic and decided a few weeks ago, after it’d been sitting on the WIP shelf forever, that I didn’t think it was heavy enough for the size I wanted it to be. So I frogged it, with the intention of redoing it in a bulkier yarn. It never occurred to me to bind off where I was and have a sweet little kerchief like this.

Anyway, I hope she likes it! Mom, I hope you like it!


17 thoughts on “A silk kerchief for my mother

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  2. Your beautiful kerchief caught my eye, particularly since the yarn was from Artfibers–I live and work within easy walking distance (blessing or curse?!). Ran there yesterday on my lunch break and bought needles and Casanova…it will be my first item of the New Year and a gift to self…but only after I finish the two belated gift cowls I am working on and planning to finish by December 31. The kerchief is truly lovely and I am truly lucky to have come across it. Yes, I will be following your blog now. Mos def.

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  7. What size needles did you use? And most important did you skip the first stitch then kfb in the second stitch?

  8. It sounds lovely – what weight is the yarn? As in, is it worsted, dk, Sport, Fingering? If one were to use a lighter weight yarn, should a smaller size needle be used, as well, to give the fabric the proper density? Thank you!

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