A Fen for Faux Fall

A Fen for Faux Fall

I’ve been referring to my summer sewing extravaganza as Linenpalooza 2019, but it could also be called Fen Fest for all the Fen mods I’ve sewn. This (last?) one is the most straightforward, and a great transitional piece for Faux Fall dressing given the dried-leaf color (the same as my toffee Robbie pants).

A Fen for Faux Fall

For this one, I cut a size 12 with the same hemline mods as my blue striped one a couple years back, but I also moved the neckline in 1″ at the sides for a less-wide neck opening. I gave it a center-front seam (looks great, saves fabric, win/win), did the prescribed Fen neckband, and added a chest pocket to give it a little more of a t-shirt vibe. It gives me a hint of that Fall feeling for now and will be great for layering if it ever starts to cool off.


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6 thoughts on “A Fen for Faux Fall

  1. I love this top! Everything about it – the color, the fabric (the texture of linen!), the design. I must remember the center seam idea because it looks great.

  2. I wonder wonder if you have ever worn hemp or heard about Winona LaDuke. She is an inspirational indigenous woman working to mill hemp and improve the local economy on her reservation. Her nonprofit, Honor the Earth, is also fighting for clean water and has successfully stopped several oil and gas pipelines. Someone worth supporting!

    • I have heard of her before but admit to being under-informed and interested in hemp at the same time! So thank you for the tip and reminder.

  3. The centre front seam is a winner. It looks as though you top-stitched it, but I’m not sure from the photo. Yes?

  4. I just love it, Karen. It’s gorgeous, and now I need one (although I am a terrible sewer so may have to swap knitting for sewing with a friend).

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