Pre-Fall Wardrobe Planning: Linen meets wool (eventually)

Pre-Fall Wardrobe Planning: Linen meets wool (eventually)

Do you abide by any of those old “rules” like “no white after Labor Day”? I’m so indifferent to them I don’t think I’d ever even heard the prohibition against linen after Labor Day until I moved to Nashville. But my feeling is as long as the weather insists on hovering around the 100-degree mark, I insist on clinging to my linen wardrobe. Especially since I’ve been busily building it up these past several weeks! And the minute I get the brief opportunity to don the magical pairing of linen and wool, I will unapologetically do so.

We’re nowhere near that point yet, but I am distracting myself from the heat with fantasies of how I can put things together that look a tiny bit more like Fall (while still wearing like Summer) as well as what those first just-barely-sweater-weather pairings might look like. (See also, THIS.)

Pre-Fall Wardrobe Planning: Linen meets wool (eventually)

Recent makes pictured include my black linen tunic and my ivory smock vest, plus linen pants in toffee, stripe and pomelo. The third and fourth tops pictured are both by my longtime Internet friend Jo Abellera of Kkibo, both stunning, which I was extremely luck to get for my birthday at the end of last year when I visited her workspace in CA.


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  1. I have heard the rule growing up in Southern Louisiana, but I only ever heard it applied to shoes! We always put up our white shoes when the weather got cold. But it’s so silly (plus I’ve heard that origin of the tradition was upper class southern women trying to make up arbitrary social rules to distinguish themselves from middle/lower class women) I’ve ignored it for years very happily. No negative consequences or even comments so far haha!

    • I don’t really know anything about the origins of any of that stuff, but I think of it as Southern somehow anyway! Although my Mom certainly put away my white patent leather shoes after Labor Day when I was a little girl.

  2. My mother (who loved keeping up with fashions) had strict rules about “Spring/Summer” clothes and “Fall/Winter” clothes and exactly when they were pulled out of storage – comfort and temperatures had nothing to do with it. White in winter? Oh my! Now I look back on all of that (some of which I did automatically for years) and think … really? And most likely the fashion police will not bother with me but roll their eyes and move on. Linen and wool? That sounds comfortable AND gorgeous!

  3. One spring I took my daughter to Boston to visit colleges. It was warm, but there were still bits of snow, and it was definitely before Memorial Day. She put on white pants, so I told her the rule about white only in summer, not wanting her to be judged on her wardrobe choice. Her response? “Mom, white is a COLOR, not a SEASON.” So, having now been schooled, I say, go for it!

  4. I have come to embrace linen through all seasons here in northern Minnesota. A linen shirt under a wool sweater in Winter is the perfect combination for comfort and warmth.

  5. I was raised on no white after labor day, and even though I know it is silly, I still can’t do it. But the only thing I have heard about wool and linen is old testament, not wearing them together, ever. I ignore that. Or I would if I had any linen that I wanted to wear with wool. But my favorite linen skirt is white, and you know that has been packed away already. :-)

  6. Looking good. Linen and wool are my go-to fibres, year round (with a little cotton thrown in). Love the wide-leg pants, love your colour combos (even though toffee would be an absolute no for me), and especially love your wonderful shoe choices. Apart from underwear, I don’t own a single thing that’s white so I guess I don’t have to ponder the Labour Day controversy.

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  8. I have a special finger that I reserve for showing to fashion rules. ;) I wear what is both weather and comfort appropriate and if anyone doesn’t like that I have on a linen top in December or boots in July can also enjoy viewing that finger. (I always wear an artsy owl ring on it, so it’s extra pretty.)

    I love the way your transitional season wardrobe is coming together. I think linen and wool work well together. I hope the weather starts getting more fall like for you soon. Extended 90+ degree heat is not welcome after August.

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