Smock vest, part 2: Pocket and glamour shots

Smock vest, part 2: Pocket and (lol) glamour shots

Ugh, I am so bad at selfies but I’m pretty good at sweaters! And here she is in all her glory: the smock vest I’d been dreaming of, now with the detail that makes her complete. When I was knitting this pocket, I was convinced I’d gotten carried away. I had only the bind-off to do (took it with me on my northern adventure) but convinced myself I needed to rip it out and make it smaller both directions. When I got it back out on Saturday, I decided I might as well bind off and block it and see. And as is often the case, I was worrying about nothing! My original calculations were spot on. Being a big fan of asymmetry, and as is often the case with me and sweater/vest pockets, I decided to stop at one. I’m totally thrilled with it.

Smock vest, part 2: Pocket and glamour shots

I knitted and grafted the pocket as described here. Pattern tbd, but previous notes on this vest are all here.


PREVIOUSLY in Finished Objects: Smock Vest, part 1

34 thoughts on “Smock vest, part 2: Pocket and glamour shots

  1. Just love this, Karen—the entire concept! And it’s perfect on you. Hoping you will decide to write it up.

  2. Oh, it’s just gorgeous. The pocket and deep armholes are everything. Marvelous work!

  3. I have some shirts with large sleeves that would love this vest. I would love to make one in 100% wool and in a cotton blend.

    • Same — I wanted it to go over every kind of sleeve shape in my closet.

  4. My eyes keep looking for the second pocket…I must be a symetry nerd ;-) It’s looking great, the perfect layering piece for the warm season.

    • I took these pics on Tuesday when it was warm and super humid and even wore it sitting outside at lunch without thinking about it! That’s saying something.

  5. I’m nuts for this vest and its one perfect pocket! I, too, love things asymmetrical. I so look forward to the pattern! (Realizing creating a pattern is a lot of work…)

    • I always mean to be better at keeping notes while I work … that’s the real stumbling block for me.

  6. It’s gorgeous Karen, you must be delighted. Please consider writing up the pattern?

  7. Glamour shot, indeed! Great vest. I love the look of the asymmetrical pocket, but I know it would drive me nuts every time I went to jam both hands into pockets and my left hand was forever doomed to design austerity, however lovely. The proportions and stitch choice for the shawl collar are exquisite.

    • If I ever write up the pattern, you could make yours have two pockets! ;)

  8. SOOOOOOOoooo sooooooooo good, Karen! I’m wearing a State smock today so I’m completely feeling those armholes and would like to lovingly request a pattern. :-) Fabulous!!

  9. My idea of the perfect year round indoor ‘outer layer’. Keeps the back of your neck protected from chilled air and provides a good sized pocket for stuff; phone, ear buds, small H2O, pen & paper. ❤️
    Now, we all want one.

  10. it looks so comfortable and you chose a color making it easy to go with almost anything. well done!

  11. Love the deep armholes and pocket. The shawl collar looks just like the ones I put on my own designs, although I confess I go for buttons and buttonholes because I live in a much colder climate and thus often feel the need for the extra warmth that closure offers.

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