Smock Vest, part 1 (2019 FO-4)

Smock Vest, part 1 (2019 FO-4)

This might be technically more of a sneak peek than a true FO, but this “smock vest,” as I keep calling it, is whole and wearable. It just needs its pockets in order to be fully realized, but I couldn’t wait to show it to you even while I’m still knitting those, as I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out.

Going back to the original idea, I wanted a simple, funky, deep-armholed vest that would slip over absolutely anything and keep the back of my neck warm in cooler months. Without its pockets — and on this dress form, to be honest — it’s slightly more prissy than funky, but it will get there! That may be due in part to my decision to leave off the buttonholes and buttons. I debated with myself about that, but was liking the front edge on the narrow side and didn’t want to make it wide enough to accommodate buttons.

It does look a little funkier in person than it does in these photos, due largely to the slight slubbiness of the yarn — and let me say, I am very happy with my yarn choice here. It’s Mungo by my friend Rosa Pomar, a 50/50 blend of recycled cotton and wool. It could not be more different from the 50/50 Balance I use so often — the recycled fiber just has a totally different (much more cottony) texture and hand to it, and knits up into a lighter fabric. But just like Balance, it loves a trip through the washing machine and even a little time in the dryer if needed. And I straight up pressed the finished garment with my iron. Especially when it’s off-white, I love a garment that can take a washing (without being superwash).

So yes, happy on all fronts. Once I get the pockets on it, I’ll take proper modeled/outfit shots. And I know a lot of you are hoping I’ll write up the pattern — I promise to consider it!

Additional notes on this sweater here, and it’s on Ravelry here.

(Lykke needles and wooden gauge ruler from Fringe Supply Co.)


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22 thoughts on “Smock Vest, part 1 (2019 FO-4)

  1. Please add my voice to those who would love the pattern. Those deep armholes are just perfect.

  2. Yes please…write up the pattern. My needles are itching to make one for the fall. Thank you.

  3. This is wonderful…….and I’m very happy that you are considering publishing the pattern. How wonderful to be able to throw this yarn in the washer and dryer AND to be able to iron it! What a great garment to knock around in in almost any season. Great work, Karen.

  4. Yes, you are correct. I want you to write up a pattered for this fabulous vest! I think it is perfect in every way!

  5. I am in love with every bit of this vest! Its design, the finishing around the arm holes, the shawl collar and pockets would be the perfect last touch. Happy sigh… Add my name to the Pattern Wish List.

  6. So much love for this. Would also love it if you published this pattern! Also – I think I must have this yarn. :)

  7. Putting in another request for the pattern–love this one! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I’m always impressed, the garments you knit are all successes. Don’t you ever frog ? I’m jealouuuus !

  9. ok then! i stand corrected! looks great without buttons ;-) very very nice. and now i can’t imagine it with buttons. but you always make the perfect choice.

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  11. Yes, please write up a pattern. I am looking for something like this to make in winter for me. I get cold around my chest and body core and this would be an answer and I wouldn’t have to be worried about it fitting my large upper arms. Thanks for all you do for us, the home knitters. Linda

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