Pretty bobble beret (2019 FO-3)

April Hat bobble beret (free pattern)

Right after I posted about that pair of bobble berets to which I found myself unexpectedly drawn, I realized I had the yarn for one of them right under my nose. The April Hat (a free pattern) is designed by my friend Courtney Kelley for their Germantown worsted, and I had an almost full skein of it left over, in natural, after my mini Sólbein used so little. So I cast on immediately. And quickly understood that while a good useful stockinette project like my vest-in-progress is the equivalent of a good long walk (with hopefully some scenery along the way), and I love a good long walk, I was desperately in need of an experience more like a gymnastics floor routine — lots of action and fluttery doodads. And this hat nailed it.

The brim is an easily memorized lace pattern that was fun right out of the gate. The floral bits on the body of the hat are a combination of puff stitch and bobbles. I’ve knitted bobbles before but had no idea what I was in for with puff stitch — the puff-stitch rounds were almost comically slow for me, although I did get faster each time. Like anything new in life, it’s awkward until you get used to it, but it’s one of those fabrics where you just can’t wait to get to the next repeat because it’s so fun watching it develop.

April Hat bobble beret (free pattern)

I’m rarely one to swatch for hats, especially one I don’t expect to wear myself. Having knitted Courtney’s patterns before, I know that she’s a looser knitter than me, plus the dimensions are a little on the small side and I didn’t want it to come out even smaller. So I threw caution to the wind and went up from the recommended needles to a size US8 for the whole thing (same as I had used on the Sólbein), brim included. After blocking, it clocks in at pretty much exactly the pattern dimensions. And I’m excited to send it off to another of my little nieces, who I feel certain will love it.

The only point of debate for me is the pompom. I imagine she’ll like it, and it is definitely a cake topper to go with all this icing, but I love the way the crown comes together and regret that the pompom covers that up. So as I’m wont to do, I’ve tied it to the inside with a bow, so it can be easily removed by the recipient.

April Hat bobble beret (free pattern)

Here it is on Ravelry if you’re inclined to fave it! ;)

It’s the end of May and this is the third thing I’ve finished this year, all three knitted for others. But my vest is SO CLOSE — coming soon.


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10 thoughts on “Pretty bobble beret (2019 FO-3)

  1. A detachable pompom is a great idea! Thanks for your notes about sizing, I have a large head and a voluminous amount of hair, so I will keep them in mind when I make this. I love how your hat turned out!

    As you can see in the photos here, the size difference between the hat I made for my friend and she made for me is almost comical! Not kidding about needing large hats.

  2. I’m particularly drawn to this beret because I knitted a cowl for my mom that has a motif similar to the brim on this one. A coordinating hat would be perfect! The cowl was knit with fingering weight, and I have plenty of it leftover, so holding it double might work. I’ll have to swatch and see.

    Gotta say, though: in this ecru side of white, this hat is a classic. Accessories can be wardrobe staples too, and this beret certainly fits that category.

    • Oh, that would be a pretty pairing then!

      I agree this turned out really lovely — it feels quite fancy to me, which is why my niece will love it. I might knit it for myself at some point in a dark color without the fancy brimwork, for a totally different look.

  3. I love your comparison of a lot of stockinette knitting being “the equivalent of a good long walk” while all the bobbles and puff stitches are like “a gymnastics floor routine”! The hat is a beauty, in both design and execution.
    Now I’ll return to my not-so-swift “long walk” of the body of a Petula pullover. (My 1st stranded colorwork; SO satisfying! So eager to complete it!)

  4. Well done, you! Beautiful. You’re tempting me to follow, though I wouldn’t wear it myself and don’t know who would. But it’s so pretty….

  5. It’s truly gorgeous. I love the texture. While I don’t need a new hat, you make me want to cast on. So I will save this pattern in my favorites, for sure.

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