It fits!

It fits! Mini Solbein Cardigan on my nieces

Last week, holding my breath, I finally sent the tiny Sólbein Cardigan off to Texas to see who it would fit, and whether they would like it — either or both of my two littlest nieces. Friday afternoon, I got a text message from their mom saying it had been waiting for them when they got home from school and they couldn’t wait to try it on. When I saw the photos, my heart popped right out of my chest. It fits Miss M (above) perfectly, and she’ll likely still be able to wear it in the fall. Miss T (below) probably has a full year or more to outgrow it. And omg the cuteness of these two — I can’t even. Fortunately they’re good at sharing, since they apparently both love it and have been trading off since it arrived, as evidenced by the additional pics that came on Sunday. (There are a couple more on Ravelry.)

It fits! Mini Solbein Cardigan on my nieces

Their mom just found out she’s pregnant and expecting in October, and dropped a not-subtle hint that she’d love something for the baby in this same goldenrod yarn. Not having any idea how big the Sólbein would be (and assuming more like the pre-teen size of their older sister), I bought 5 skeins of the MC and only used about 1.25, so there’s plenty left over for matching projects. But I’ll keep any further details on that to myself for the moment …


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36 thoughts on “It fits!

  1. Adorable! So nice to have your handkits well received. And wonderful that the girls are willing to share.

    • Right? And yet I feel some urgency about sending another one. Especially now that I know how little yarn a little sweater takes — I have more “sweater quantities” in my stash than I realized!

  2. Yes, adorable. I suspect you’ll called upon again and again. “Just ask Aunt Karen” will be heard far and wide.

  3. Absolutely beautiful on both of them! It’s so nice they share, however, I think they each need their own!

  4. Ha, I told you it would fit! These two are really adorable, and it was a great choice of colors. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the baby.

  5. My heart leaped right up, too, when I saw those smiles – with the warm sunshine cardigan below. This sure has started my morning beautifully!

  6. I didn’t realize you knit two of those. They are awesome, and fit so well. Congratulations!
    And yellow is super trendy this season, did you know?

    • I highly recommend it! I’m blessed with a lot of wonderful nieces and some mighty awesome nephews, too.

  7. My mum used to make me and my closest sister co-ordinating knitwear, although being the youngest I usually got to wear both lots over the course of time. So, love this cardigan, but, squeal – those cowboy boots!

  8. This brought a smile to my face first thing on a Monday—those smiling girls(love the attitude of Miss T!), the sunny color, the beautiful sweater. A perfect storm of wonderfulness.

    • Thanks! There are actually two on the way — five days apart. So we’re all very excited.

  9. We all know it’s such a relief to know it fits! They are adorbs! I always cherish the photos.

    • Seriously, if she wants to send me a photo every time one of them wears it, I’m fine with that.

  10. Your nieces are adorable. I can’t even. I just can’t. So glad that it fits and that color makes them both look like little rays of sunshine.

  11. OMG they are adorable!!! And the sweater is great! Good news on an impending baby… purl soho just sent out notice of the double knit blanket, it would be adorable in that yellow and maybe gray?

  12. The sweater is cute, but on the girls – AMAZING! As the smaller of two sisters who often got matching clothes (I was older, but after about 5, smaller), it’s nice if they aren’t exactly the same — sometimes there were things I felt I wore FOREVER. Of course, this sweater, forever might not be long enough. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  13. OMG!!! Karen, your nieces are both so adorable!!!

    I wanted to reply to everyone, because they were so ‘spot on’, but decided that would look pretty silly!

    Think I need to add a note here that in my opinion ALL children are adorable, wear wings and halos, and can do no wrong… because they are a true gift from God.

    As for the little cardigan, WILL YOU MAKE ONE for each of my four granddaughters, two daughters, my sister, sister-in law, two nieces and me??? (Just kidding… well kind of…)

    Congratulations on your next two little bundles of joy. LUCKY YOU!!!

    Have a great BUNCH OF DAYS KNITTING… for EVERYONE!!! ; )

  14. really lovely sweater, and awesome fun colors–i bet they are going to want that sweater to fit far longer than it will…

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