New Favorites: Over-the-top tams

New Favorites: Beret confections

Honestly, saying something has an almost confectionary quality is not normally my way of paying a compliment, but somehow I’ve fallen in love with these two new beret patterns that are exactly that. And I don’t even like berets! Although now I’m wondering why I’ve never really tried one on my beanie-unfriendly head. It could work!

These both just look like such total joy to knit, no matter whose head they might wind up on—

TOP: Western Sky by Caitlin Hunter combines cables, lace and bobbles into the more understated-yet-freespirited of the two

BOTTOM: April Hat by Courtney Kelley mixes a spot of lace, twisted-stitch faux cables, bobbles, puff stitch and a pompom into a fun-loving whole (free pattern)


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8 thoughts on “New Favorites: Over-the-top tams

  1. These do indeed seem like confectionery! As a big-headed, curly haired person, the only hats I like to wear are berets (though big floppy hoods are my first choice). Tams are fun to knit. And block…over a dinner plate!

    You should make these, I think they’d look super cute on you.

    • I really might! I woke up this morning and realized it’s likely all the stockinette and garter I’ve been knitting for way too long — I’ve got the urge to do ALL THE TRICKS in as close a space as possible. So these are perfection.

  2. I occasionally wear a beanie but they look terrible on me. I look so much better in a tam. Knit one and if you don’t love it then give it to someone.

  3. Hmmm… eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Think mine is the April Hat. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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