Pure wool sunshine

baby Anker's cardigan sweater (knitting pattern) with Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag

When I asked you all for baby sweater pattern suggestions back in October, reader Dianne inadvertently reminded me that I’ve had Petite Knit’s Anker’s Cardigan on my own wishlist for ages and that there’s a baby version, Anker’s Jacket. My niece had asked for a baby sweater in the same goldenrod Germantown yarn as the mini Sólbein — of which I had plenty left over! — and Anker’s seemed like the absolute perfect use for it, as the two little cardigans would have some design resonance. Perfect tiny sister sweaters.

But really, I couldn’t have imagined how darling this would be. And again, it took barely more than a skein of yarn! (Which means I still have enough for 2.5 more, lol.) Rather than worrying about pattern gauge, I went with the gauge I had gotten on the sister sweater — 4.75 sts and 6.5 rows per inch on US8 needles — and knitted the 3-6 month size, knowing it would come out more like 6-9 months. I never buy newborn sized clothing as they tend to outgrow it way too quickly, and definitely didn’t want to knit anything that would last so briefly. It came out at about a 21.5″ chest circumference so she’ll have some room to grown into it. I just hope she doesn’t grow into and out of it in the middle of Texas summer next year!

baby Anker's cardigan sweater (knitting pattern)

Apart from gauge, I made very few departures from the pattern. I knitted the sleeves flat and did only one set of sleeve decreases along the way, with the rest on the first row of cuff ribbing, so the sleeves are a bit more balloon shaped. And I did garter-stitch bands (on US6) instead of ribbing because I’m still really into garter-stitch bands.

I bought the little felted animals in India, and while I thought I had once put together the cutest baby gift I ever would, this one made my heart impossibly melty. I hope Baby E and her mom both know how much I love them.

(Buttons, Jen Hewett x Fringe Field Bag and Lykke needles from Fringe Supply Co.)

15 thoughts on “Pure wool sunshine

  1. Eweknit , a Toronto yarn store, has just published a book of knits for babies to 4 years. It is by far the most exquisite set of patterns I have ever seen. The store samples are gorgeous. Title? Two words, one of which is north.

    • I honestly didn’t even realize just how stunningly cute it is till I sewed on the last button. And then I showed it to Bob like 12 times. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW CUTE THJS IS?!

  2. What a great sweater and color! That little one will be radiating her own sunshine.

  3. I have already knit the Anker’s Pullover once for a baby gift last year, and just purchased yarn to make another for another little arrival in May for another family! I’ve got to get it made quickly so I don’t think I have time this go-around for the cardigan but I will certainly try this next time! Very cute and the color is fabulous!

  4. This is darling! I am so glad you loved the pattern as much as I do. In fact I am just waiting to sew the buttons onto the latest version I knit for my daughter, now in the 4-5 year size (gasp!). Buttons from Fringe Supply, of course. :)

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