Queue Check — October 2019

Queue Check — October 2019

It’s officially knitting season. I know because my brain is like “What’s a sewing machine?” and my fingers are like “Why are we not knitting?” I am knitting, but it’s also officially peak crazy season for me with work, so there’s little time for anything else. But as it goes, by squeaking in a row before bed here and there I’ve crossed the magic dividing line, and my cardigan-in-progress now has sleeve caps and a body. I’m absolutely dying to get to the shawl collar on it, and given that it’s as much knitting as a sleeve, I think I’m going to change up the order a bit on this one and finish the body first (which I usually do last), so I can do the collar next, then the sleeves last. I’m convinced that having that collar on there will light a fire under me and I’ll race through the sleeves so I can wear it.

But I’m also pondering baby sweaters. I’ve got two tiny new great-nieces (cousins to each other), and the circumstances for their arrivals are complicated. So I feel strongly that my first baby cardigans are in order. I just need to settle on patterns and yarn and then they’ll take precedence over this lovely green stockinette beast. Feel free to tell me your all-time favorite baby sweater patterns!

(This is an Improv sweater in Kelbourne Woolens’ Andorra, held double. Lykke needles via Fringe Supply Co.)


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  1. Not fancy, but I love EZ’s Baby Surprise Sweater. I’ve made at least 7 of them, and every time I am perplexed by how such a shape can turn into a sweater. And if you use a striping sock yarn you get all sorts of color play (and I do think baby sweaters are one place where superwash wool is called for).

    • That’s the first pattern anyone ever raved to me about when I first learned to knit.

  2. The Baby Surprise Jacket and February Baby Sweater (Baby Sweater on Two Needles),both by Elizabeth Zimmerman,and Little Ivanhoe (free on Ravelry)

  3. In Threes by Kelly Herdrich is a quicker knit but very darling, and Springtime in Hollis by Teresa Cole, which is more involved but so worth it.

  4. Ever since I saw a Norwegian Fir cardigan on display at my LYS I’ve been plotting to make one. I love to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket. Not a cardigan but I also love Ysolda’s Wee One.

  5. I will add another vote for the BSJ. It really is a marvel of construction, and the flip, flip, voila at the end is true legerdemain. I don’t think it woks for adult humans but it fits babies beautifully.

    Every knitter MUST make one, and because it is simplicity itself, every knitter who can do a knit stitch CAN make one.

  6. I strongly recommend the baby sweater designs by PetiteKnit (on Revelry or petite knit.com). I have a 3-year-old daughter and have knit several of her designs now, a couple in multiple sizes, and have loved them all. Her patterns have a very modern and clean sensibility that I think new parents will really appreciate. Especially love Anker’s jacket, Carl’s cardigan, and Anna’s summer cardigan. Also some really lovely bonnets!

  7. Baby sweaters are the best! I’ve made lots of Flax sweaters for babies, it really leaves you room to play around with different colors (stripes, fair isle, etc) and you can do the garter panel or not. And it’s super fast!

  8. Lancashire Dream and Eole are my two favorites for baby girls (and they actually fit newborns!). 😊

  9. I’ve made several versions of TinCanKnits Gramps cardigan. I just can’t stop! The shawl collar is so cozy, and the sweater is adorable.

  10. I have made the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker at least ten times. Every new Mom loved it. It is free on Ravelry and she did design a multi size pattern for bigger babies.

  11. Renee Callahan has a new design for a baby sweater called Baby Angelus – looks adorable.

  12. Yes! The Newborn Vertebrae (Puerperium cardigan) is the best. It’s perfect for new babies because you can get it off and on easily, and is designed with a minimal amount of fabric on the front so if baby spits up, the cardigan doesn’t get dirty. Great in wool or cotton.Plus the designer is a Kiwi, win-win! 😁

  13. Coco knits has a lovely v neck cardigan for wee people. Knit top down with all her clever construction details.

  14. Wee Cria by Ysolde Teague. Different construction. I love the stockinette sleeves knitted along with the garter bodice. I have made it twice. My granddaughter (now almost 5) loves it.

  15. The Whitfield Shorty by Anne Hanson starts at a size 18m in worsted weight, but I’ve knit it for babies in sport and fingering weights. It can also be made into a vest and with or without the collar. It’s one of my go-to designs for the little ones.

  16. I am enjoying seeing all these suggestions. I have liked all of the Taiga Hilliard patterns that I have made, The tiny dresses can be worn a long time because as the child gets taller, the dresses become smocks, and then little tops. Most of the baby gift sweaters that I make are the same pattern over and over, and the ones i am using are out of print, but I will say that a classic cabled sweater in an unexpectd color, and a nice but washable yarn is usually the one that I see worn over and over and over again. Washability is huge: don’t expect any new parent to have time to handwash sweaters, no matter how cute they are. This is the time for a superwash wool , or cotton or cotton wool blend.

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