New Favorites: Serious sock temptations

New Favorites: Serious sock temptations

Right on the heels (har!) of that conversation about how socks are the perfect travel project but I’m not a sock knitter, I’m feeling tempted by socks. No doubt fueled by your comments as well as the extremely cute pair of Harper socks that my friend Jen just finished. Sock temptation happens to me once in awhile but somehow the socks never do. Will any of these make it from my favorites list to my needles?

TOP: Open Heart by Ainur Berkimbayeva are some darling slipper socks

MIDDLE LEFT: Block Party Socks by Dawn Henderson are simple-cute footies

MIDDLE RIGHT: Thaba also by Dawn Henderson are the full sock-knitting commitment, but oh so cute!

BOTTOM: Willard Socks by Alicia Plummer are basically the dense house socks of my dreams

p.s. I’m still working on my India tale for you! I’m a bit swamped, having been gone and then come back right at my very busiest work moment of the year, and I also underestimated the challenge of boiling it down into words! But soon, soon.


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  1. Given that you live in a warmish climate, it’s understandable that so far you haven’t fallen for the sock-knitting habit. For those of us who depend on wool socks to keep warm, sock knitting is often just about making easy, functional socks that make good mindless travel projects while at the same time keeping up with inevitable need for replacement (because socks, more than any other knitwear, wear out). Beautiful socks can be fun to make, but a lot of us don’t bother with anything fancy. Socks don’t usually show when worn, and it’s generally more satisfying to spend knitting mental energy on items that can be seen and appreciated.

  2. Oh, cute socks patterns! How I love you! Thanks for these, Karen. This is the time of year where I live (Pacific NW) that the yearning for wool sock knitting suddenly happens. Instead of looking at my sock yarn stash for hat making, I see it instead as… socks!

  3. I didn’t think I was ever going to be a sock knitter, but I finally learned how to knit socks last year, and now I’ve always got a sock project going.

    Harper, Abalone, Piton, Kia, Col. Brandon, Tangle Froth, Rostrata, Solidago, Santa Rosa…those are the ones just off the top of my head that have been added to my sock drawer already.

    Knit the socks.


  4. Viajante is my “sock” – not only the perfect travel accessory but the perfect travel project. I think I’ve done 10 in lace weight cashmere.

  5. Hi Karen, for someone creative and curious as you are, socks are also a micro bubble where to play with that nice yarn, or that intriguing stitch, or both, or a concept, and in next to no time have a lot of fun and a nice item for yourself or a gift.
    A few years ago I caught the bug, and made loads as Christmas presents. Now I make a pair when travelling only.

    This is where I started learning the basic construction of the toe up sock
    It gives you the freedom of adding stitch patterns, and any variation you fancy because its really just a basic construction that works. A bit like your top down jumper tutorial.

    Improved cast on for the toe and bind off for the ribbed hem are easily on hand online.

    Have fun!

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