New Favorites: “Cables” for the cable averse

New Favorites: "Cable" knitting patterns for the cable averse

Now me, I love cables and I love a chart. I’m a visual person and I also think cable knitting is a blast, so my idea of a dream pattern is a simple cable chart I can glance at and memorize, then settle in with my yarn and needles and cable away to my heart’s content, barely if ever consulting the pattern. That means my least favorite thing is a written pattern full of row after row of instructions to which I have to pay close attention and try to keep my place. HOWEVER, I know (and respect!) that the opposite is true for some of you — those who like a pattern written, not charted, and the fewer cables the better. But who doesn’t love the look of them, right? So this one is for the cable- and chart-averse: Two written patterns — both of them free, no less — for cable-looking designs without a single cable cross anywhere in the text.

TOP: No-Cable Cable Scarf by Purl Soho offers the look of diamond cables with none of the cabling

BOTTOM: Neighborhood Holiday Hat by Amber Platzer Corcoran likewise uses only increases and decreases but gives the look of sinuous traveling cables

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29 thoughts on “New Favorites: “Cables” for the cable averse

  1. Happy, happy birthday! Sending best wishes for a great year and happy knitting throughout. ❤️

  2. Happy birthday! Mine’s a week later, Christmas Eve. Hope to get my hands on some FA goodies at Purl Soho next month.

  3. I’ve been learning “cables” by working on the beautiful Tanemaki cowl. It’s a great way to learn how to read a chart, it knits up fast and the end product is gorgeous. Plus only a skein and a half of yarn!!

  4. Thank you Karen. you are encouraging. Slowly,slowly i’m making things. You have open up my eyes to see that I can create a wardrobe that is practical and beautiful. I have gaps in my wardrobe. One was an apron so I made the Purl Soho cross back apron and I love it with the french seams and the thick straps. (I do like the no cable cable scarf too.)
    Karen, you have inspired me!

    • That’s so kind of you to say, Gillian, thank you. And I’ve been wanting to make that apron, but to wear as a garment — one of these days!

  5. Happy Birthday Karen!!
    I love cables and pseudo cables, but I agree with you that a chart is vital.

  6. Karen, Your site isn’t accepting discount code tooltime. Maybe because it’s already tomorrow your time but still today here in Oregon (11 pm)?

  7. Oops. scratch what I just posted. I just read the offer again, needing to be placed CST time.
    Hope you enjoyed a great b-day!

  8. Bon anniversaire Karen ! Tous mes vœux de bonheur pour l’année à venir !
    And YES to charts, they are in themselves so beautiful I could stick some to my walls like a work of art…

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