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Ok, y’all — I’ve got quite a load of lighthearted links for you today!

Best illustrated anecdote of the month

Love this cardigan-dress look

This “herringweave” stitch

– And Dianna’s Nordic delights roundup

– as well as this travelogue about Selbu, which is definitely on my bucket list now (bottom left)

– “… hand-spun 25m long hanks of pure wool from many countries and breeds of sheep are used to create a moving and contemplative piece of work …”

– New knitters might want to bookmark this glossary

Darling free baby sweater pattern (top left)

How to let out a hem

This sweater (top right)

This Farrow Dress + Stowe Bag combo

Yarn tales like this

Favorite photo from all the VKLive revelry in NYC last weekend (bottom right)

Or maybe this is my favorite



9 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Such a fan of that cardigan dress! The fit is great and the styling is so good. Also, absolutely loved that Selbu travelogue! It’s giving me wanderlust…

  2. I adore that “dip” sweater. It looks a bit like knitting that comes out of a dyed sweater machine blank. I will put it into my Ravelry favorites. However, I may have to purchase the pattern to see just what the author did. I see that she used natural white and gray yarn and madder for dye.

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