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Happy Friday and Elsewhere day — I’ve got a little light but delightful clicking around for you:

– Great post about how to mend knits

– plus beautiful darning sampler

Heart-melting (top right)

– I’m excited to watch the #leighsidemittskal2017 (details here) but I especially love finding out about this Generic Norwegian Mitten Chart via @resurrectionfern (who is knitting mittens inspired by Karen Barbé! So many of my favorite ladies tangled up in there.)

– Also wishing I could fit in the #fancykal, a sweater that’s been on my list for ages

– And just wow (top left)

Have a magnificent weekend, everyone!




16 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. My first (finished) stranded mittens made use of Adrian’s Generic Norwegian Mitten Chart! That one’s a great resource!

  2. I really need to get in on that KAL. I love that the Wolf River pullover looks like cables but is lace knit.

  3. A timely post, Karen. I have just been giving a darning mushroom by a friend and am about to tackle my first darning project – restoring a moth-eaten scarf which was one of the first things I knit many years ago. Thank you for the link!

  4. I’m still catching up on FA posts from the holiday!! lol the postpone the sleeves tip is blowing my mind, it’s making me want to cast on another colorwork sweater! I’ve had wolf river in my rav favorites but I have too many projects I want to do first.

    I also got a very generous gift card to FSC for christmas so I am pondering my options very carefully!!!

  5. Wow! Such inspiration!!!
    My son just asked me how to fix a hole in a sweater he just bought! I’m going to send him that mending link. Not that HE’LL do it. He just asked me how it can be done. (I told him he could mail it to me, or take it somewhere.)

  6. Oh, goodness! What an honour to find my mending tutorial included on your ‘elsewhere’ round-up. Thank you, Karen! I always love reading your posts. xx

  7. The Norwegian mitts template is great and I’ve bookmarked it. I used a similar blank chart in an ancient knitting book, “More Cottage Knits” (featuring Briggs and Little wools) to create “Vinland” (Twist Collective Fall 2013). It’s an easy way to get creative without having to deal with all the technical knitty gritty math details. Thanks.

  8. Just checked on the name of the pattern book I referred to above. It’s not “More Cottage Knits”, but “One More Row” by Elna Gravelle–more than two decades old, but still very useful and much loved.

  9. Those 2 pics at the top of the page were faves of mine from IG as well! Loved seeing them here!!

  10. Thanks so much for the mention, it’s kind of crazy to see so much talent in the KAL gallery. And leave it to Margie to be so brilliant!

  11. The mending knits post has gone straight to my web reference list – I have several pairs of socks to mend, not to mention the moth holes on my favorite cashmere sweaters (cue your favorite expletive here). Thanks for sharing !

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