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Hey, guess what — we’ve all survived another holiday pre-season! Now for the fun part: eating. I’m keeping Elsewhere on the lighter side this week, but here are some golden nuggets to keep you entertained if and when you need it—

– That time the Mason-Dixon ladies’ spoof country music recording (pictured top left) got mistaken for a historical document

– Want to paper your walls in knitted fabric? (I might if they weren’t all so terrifyingly enormous! DG disagrees with me.) (bottom right) See also: Alpaca wallpaper

– More on the Prada knitted fabric fascination (see prev) here and here (especially love the conversation on that one) and here

– Tackling the problem of fashion industry waste (via) — I’m hoping to listen to this on my current road trip

– The new National Mill Inventory site makes my heart happy

– This just in: Julie Hoover is not perfect (bottom left)

7 reasons why you should knit your own basics

– @notaprimarycolor’s sketchbook planning for #sewmystyle (top right) has me itching to update my queue-book

This sweater

– and on the unrelated subject of our riven nation, make sure you watch the Sam Bee and Glenn Beck interview.

Whatever holiday or ritual you may be observing this weekend, I hope it’s a good one. Happy everything, everyone— <blowing kiss emoji>




10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Anyone know a pattern that resembles the disney roller girl basic turtleneck? I love it! Finding an error in Julie’s scarf was like a Where Waldo prank (no Waldo:)
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Karen! Thank you for all 2016 posts

  2. Merry Christmas, Karen! Thank you for all you do for the knitting community (and the wanna-be’s). Best wishes for more success in the coming year.

  3. Thank you so much for introducing me to @notaprimarycolour’s feed! So inspiring. Makes me want to get my sketchbook out!

    Also, thank you for sharing my article. I really appreciate it!

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