When knitalongs breed patterns

When knitalongs breed patterns: Two great Cowichan-style cardigans

There was a certain irony, during the Top-Down Knitalong, in seeing people who were engaging in knitting without a pattern (in most cases for the first time) being asked repeatedly about their sweaters, “Are you going to publish the pattern?” “Please publish the pattern!” And (irony aside) I’m really excited about how many patterns will, apparently, be coming out of that knitalong. But these things take time, and what I am pleased to tell you in the meanwhile is that two patterns (that I know of) also came out of the previous year’s knitalong, the Cowichan-style Knitalong, both of which have been released in recent months:

TOP: West Coast Cardigan by Jane Richmond
Jane is an extremely popular pattern designer, and one of my first favorites when I took up the craft, so I was thrilled when she jumped into that knitalong, sharing that it was her first time doing stranded colorwork! Rather than knitting a vest, she opted to knit more of the classic zip-front jacket — albeit top-down raglan rather than drop-shouldered. Demand for the pattern ensued, followed by a year or so of pattern-writing and testing all that, and it’s now the subject of its own knitalong. The pattern also includes blank charts if (like me) you’re wanting to create your own motifs.

BOTTOM: Watkins by Whitney Hayward
Whitney (most recently noted for Stone Wool) also opted to knit a cardigan that was a huge crowd-pleaser, while being a little more loosely Cowichan-inspired. This one is bottom-up seamless, with a more traditional shawl-collar — and a steek! — and is bulky gauge rather than superbulky, so some might find it a little more wearable.

I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t knit one of each!

To learn about Cowichan sweaters, see: the full Cowichan-style knitalong scroll

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3 thoughts on “When knitalongs breed patterns

  1. These are beautiful. I particularly love Watkins.

    This winter, I’ve found a new appreciation for “big and cozy”. Some of it has to do with the colder winter, and some of it has to do with the emotional climate. In any case, these are cozy and distinctive, all in one. Yum.

  2. The Watkins is one of the most beautiful and knit-worthy sweater I’ve EVER seen! Will it be published Karen? It’s divine!

  3. I like both so much! I also just realized how familiar the model for the Watkins is, and how nice it is that companies like BT and Quince & Co. have regular models. I spent a moment wondering who the Watkins woman reminded me of before realizing that she just reminded me of herself. I guess she is a sort of super model for the on-line knitting world! I love how a sort of alternative fashion universe, complete with hit designers, major trends and well-known (or at least highly recognizable) models has emerged over the past decade online.

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