Idea Log: Cowichan-style cardigan, take two

Idea Log: Cowichan-style cardigan, take two

Speaking of colorwork and my desire to do it more regularly, there’s a sweater idea I want to put a(nother) pin in for 2017 — a cardigan I’m pretty much never not thinking about. It’s partially the J.Crew sweater from my last Idea Log of 2015, which has been taped up next to my closet door ever since, and part Andrea’s vest from the Cowichan KAL, and part this sweater seen on Nashville leather-goods maker Annie Williams (photo by my friend Melody who shares space with Annie). Over time they’ve mashed up in my head into the sketch above. It was one of my many concept sketches for the Top-Down Knitalong, but it seemed wrong to do another Cowichan-inspired sweater for that. (And I’m so happy with the direction I went!) But like I said, this one is always on my mind. Hopefully some version of it will be on my needles before the year is out.

(Fashionary sketch templates from Fringe Supply Co.)


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14 thoughts on “Idea Log: Cowichan-style cardigan, take two

  1. Love your sketch. Is the front closure a zip? Any thoughts on adding color to the sleeves? And the back, would love to see a center medallion. The texture from the yarn in the vest is great.

      • I’m being tempted by West Coast and Gambier and can’t decide between the two. To think I had not started knitting yet during the time of the Cowichan KAL!

  2. Lots of the real McCoy here in Canada (as well as that 2010 Canadian Olympic Team version), but if you want to do your own (more fashion conscious) version, make sure to get the zip closure right. Check out how I inserted the zipper in my Sandridge men’s zipped cardi (2010 Twist Collective). There’s a short tutorial (All Zipped Up) on my blog that shows how you can insert a zipper without the teeth showing–makes all the difference. When it comes to the Cowichan look, I think handspun wool is the hands down winner to capture the feel. Do you spin?

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