New Favorites: Colorwork practice

New Favorites: Colorwork practice

Every time I knit a stranded project (meaning, about once a year) I find myself lecturing myself about how I really need to not let so much time pass between efforts. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be more fluid at it? To venture into projects that are more than just a few rows of colorwork in a sea of solids? After more than a year hiatus, I finished the stranded portion of my St. Brendan-in-progress very quickly and I am hereby swearing not to go so long before I do it again! The solution: hats between sweaters.

TOP: Coronal by Erica Smith

MIDDLE LEFT: Banff by Tin Can Knits

MIDDLE RIGHT: Verso by Bristol Ivy

BOTTOM: Northdale Hat by Gudrun Johnston

The only trouble is I want them all to be black and natural …

For colorwork advice and pattern recommendations, see: Colorwork for first-timers


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Colorwork practice

  1. *ahem* I for one, would also like to do more colorwork patterns but I, too, want to see more neutral colorwork examples. both colorwork projects I’ve done have been black, white and green but I’d like to see ~*more*~

  2. Speaking of hats . . . thanks for alerting me to the pussyhat project. I made 9, a friend made 12 and they’re not on Ravelry. The projects facebook page is bursting with activity – somebody even posted a photo of Patti Smith in a pink pussyhat.

  3. OH MY SWEET LORD! Gudrun Johnston has done it to me again. I LOVE her Northdale Hat exactly as it is. Only one slight problem. Jamieson’s no longer carries the black or brown so I picked other colors. I also have three colors my daughter gave me that I have been hunting for just the right colorwork pattern for. I have found it. I am doing COLORWORK!!! Happy day!

    Thank you Karen

  4. Oooh, I love the way the shapes on Verso play around! I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these in black with a cc…you just might end up with a lot of black hats!

  5. Lovely hats! In November I taught a couple of workshops on stranded knitting and steeks, using the tam pattern “Yule” as a beginner project (only one round requires weaving in of the contrast colour). Now I wish I’d used brighter colours. Your examples are striking.

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