Summer silhouette 1: Dresses with sweaters

Summer silhouette 1: Dresses with sweaters

Between the muumuu and increasing time spent in my two me-made dresses (both seen here with my black Anna Vest), all I even want to think about wearing right now is dresses and sweaters. That is, very simple dresses that can go it alone with a pair of sandals in hot weather, or to my cold studio with a top layer and ankle boots — the latter to be replaced by heavier sweaters and tall boots when Fall rolls around.

When I say simple dresses, I mean dresses as quick and simple to sew as they are to throw on—

1. That top right sketch is one of the first I made when my beloved Fashionary Panels first appeared in my life (which have since become a full-blown addiction). It’s my Anna Vest over a little sack dress I still haven’t made but will take a stab at soon — a modification (less sleeve, more length) of an out-of-print Cynthia Rowley dolman-sleeve tunic pattern I’m always messing with. Or I might play around with April Rhodes’ Staple Dress pattern. I still like that shirred waist idea.

2. The second one is a modification of the Gallery Dress pattern I used for my linen dress. I absolutely love what the pleat at the bottom of the placket does to the way the lower part of the dress flows and hangs (especially when layered over). But for this one, rather than the placket, I just want to take the fabric that would be incorporated into the placket and make one giant pleat at the neckline — a little more interesting than a symmetrical box pleat would be. We’ll see how that goes! Sketched with the camel Channel Cardigan I intend to have done by Fall.

3. I recently drafted a little sleeveless top (still to be hemmed) and want to make it dress length. Super super simple — just a round neck, sleeveless, with a straight, split hem — drawn here with my Linen Quill cardigan in progress. I’m also suddenly wanting to make it muumuu length and see what’s that like.

I have a shelf full of fabrics waiting to be given something to do, so as soon as I prioritize these and sort out which fabric wants to be which, I’ll start cutting!


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13 thoughts on “Summer silhouette 1: Dresses with sweaters

  1. Wonderful ideas and sketches! I love the idea of dresses that can be layered over and under things to change them up and work in different seasons.

  2. I have been dreaming of Linen Quill ever since you featured it. I know that you are in the early stages of “in progress”, but could you share what gauge you have settled on, and how you feel the yarn is going to drape, etc. I am planning on ordering this within the month, and so far, information about using it in a garment has been scant. Thats

    • I’m knitting it held double on US8 needles at 4.5 sts/inch, which is a bit loose/open. I usually knit stockinette very densely but want this sweater to be fairy thin and light with a bit of drape, so knitting more loosely than my norm.

  3. Agreed. That Linen Quill is gorgeous! I am definitely going to try to return to sewing this summer. Hopefully, it won’t look like that Lucy dress from the I Love Lucy.

  4. I keep buying material with a project in mind and then when it’s time to sew, I want to make the fabric into something different. I must have “commitment” issues.

  5. I really like that Gallery dress. I have been in such a rut, working with the same pattern lines for so long, and I’m really enjoying finding out about the indie designers online. Oliver and S is one that comes up a lot.

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