Queue Check — April 2016

Queue Check — April 2016

In addition to the blue Loopy Mango pullover I knitted since my last Queue Check (which was nowhere on the radar), my black Anna Vest is also now finished, and I can’t wait to show it to you. But I also can’t wait to cast on what’s next! I’ve made some decisions about that whole vacation knitting conundrum and have basically decided to cast on ALL THE THINGS. I’ve been such a good little monogamist lately, mostly, but it does get me into trouble from time to time. So here’s what I’ve decided:

1) I’m officially going with the Clever Camel for my long-debated (to put it mildly) Channel Cardigan — my yarn arrived on Friday! Once I had knitted and blocked this swatch, I knew it was meant to be. I literally have been carrying the swatch around with me, I love it so much. What I’ve been trying to find for this one is a yarn that’s both snuggly and rugged, which is a very tricky (nearly impossible) combo. So in that sense, this wound up being an easy commitment to make. On the other hand, that rare mix of softness and durability comes with a hefty price tag. This will literally be the most expensive garment I’ve ever owned, so I did have to take a few deep breaths before placing the order. But it’s an investment I believe in. This swatch is so insanely beautiful and soft and light and amazing in every way — and the yarn (and its gorgeous halo) looks incredible with Channel’s stitch pattern. But the 100% baby camel fiber is even warmer and more durable than wool, and it doesn’t pill. So for a sweater I expect to spend months knitting and decades wearing, it’s completely worth it. And this yarn is such a joy to have running through my fingers, I know I’ll be blissed out for every minute of the knitting.

[[ SPECIAL NOTE: Jones & Vandermeer has very kindly offered a discount for any of you who might want to give Clever Camel a try. Use discount code FRINGE at checkout and it will deduct 10% off your order of Clever Camel. Good through May 13, 2016. ]]

I’m going to go ahead and cast on for this, but I intend to basically spend the whole summer knitting it. Since there’s no rush and this one won’t be the best thing for social situations, travel situations (other than at the beginning) or the occasional brain-fried-on-the-couch-at-night situations, there will also be stockinette in progress—

2) I’ve decided the black Linen Quill will become the lightweight, 4-season (a/c combat) cardigan I talk about needing at the start of every summer. I’m going to knit it top-down, ultra basic, with inset pockets and a vertical button band — all the traits I believe comprise the perfect timeless cardigan. I’m planning to cast on this one tonight at Knit Picking Night at Craft South. If you’re in Nashville, I hope you’ll come! 5-7, as usual.

3) I am definitely going to do the black Flex in the near term, but I’m leaving it up to fate whether it goes to Florida with me. I’ll be able to get the yarn for this one locally at Nutmeg, so I’m just waiting for news of its arrival.

By the way, I’ve seen it suggested a few different times and places that I’m hosting a Channel knitalong? I have no such plans! At least not in any formal sense. But if anyone else wants to cast on and knit it at the same time as me, the more the merrier!


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  1. That camel yarn really is lovely but the price I’d have to pay for my size terrifies me BUT it will be a piece you hold on to for decades.

  2. See you tonight @ CraftSouth! I’m bringing Terri & Debbie! We are so excited! I’m still knitting on my Falling Bobbles blanket from PurlSoho, so that’s what I’m packing!

  3. Hi Karen, I spotted your project bags today at my LYS in Berlin! Nice to see them making their way around the world :)

  4. What is the trick to remembering where you are and not losing interest in multiple projects? I usually do not want to finish it if I start something new-which I try not to do. I’d love to knit a complicated sweater knowing it will take me awhile. and not lose interest.

    • I wish I knew! When I was knitting my Amanda, I had to work on nothing else for those 4 or 5 months because I feared I would have a hard time finding my way back into it. I just won’t put it down for long stretches.

  5. Are you writing your own pattern for the Limen Quill? If so can you suggest a pattern that would be similar?
    The camel is so lovely!

  6. Ack! Your Linen Quill link led me down a rabbit hole…looking at yarn, then looking at patterns….ended up buying a Nancy Marchant pattern for a brioche scarf! :)

  7. Adding Flex to my queue! These are all beautiful deathless classics that you will wear for 20 years. The camel yarn looks scrumptious–and they even have my trademark silver grey, which isn’t always easy to find–but pure hair yarns are just too hot for where I live. I’m going to have to have a quick think–maybe a cowl or a gift or something.

  8. All these projects sound amazing Karen and I can’t wait to see the progress on your Channel cardigan.

    I am especially curious about your plans for the Linen Quill. Will you be using it as a single or will you be doubling it? I’m really interested in trying it for a black Featherweight, but am worried about making a commitment to a fingering sweater. I’m struggling with one now on my needles (different pattern) and am not sure I have the patience required.

  9. That linen quill is so beautiful. I just got the Farm to Needle book in the mail yesterday. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

  10. If I had any money to spend on yarn right now, I would definitely splurge on this camel yarn. It looks divine, and I love the stitch pattern on your swatch. Definitely worth the investment.

  11. I am seriously tempted to buy 3 skeins of the camel and make a Moko Moko cowl. I can’t afford a sweater’s worth but I might be able to justify a cowl. And that pattern looks amazing!

  12. Super curious about Clever Camel–enough so that the discount they’re offering has suckered me into purchasing a couple of skeins to make something for a knitting circle gift exchange. I’m curious to know why it doesn’t pill. Also, how is its resiliency or “bounce” or whatever? Will garments stretch out over time, as with other camelid fibers?

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  14. How many skeins of the clever camel does that pattern call for? That will be a beautiful sweater! I’ve been on a long knitting hiatus but your projects and designs are inspiring me to start up again!

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  17. Hi nice queue! How do you do a such defined vertical line with your moss stitch? I have a raglan project with this stitch but for some reason the raglan ‘seam’ line is blurry (I just do a stockinette stitch). Did you purl one stitch before? Any help is welcomed!

    • I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean. With moss stitch the knits and purls are naturally stacked up on top of each other in a grid. If you’re trying to work increases or decreases for a raglan at the same time, you just need to be mindful to work each stitch (that isn’t part of your seam) as either a knit or purl depending on what the moss pattern needs it to be.

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