Best meets worst of Resort 2014: The Row

Best and worst of Resort 2014 - sweaters from The Row

I’m in love with this chunky russet sweater, especially paired with that long, layered skirt and flat shoes. Nice to see something a little friendlier from the Olsens for The Row (even if I do love their trademark primness). But they may have gotten carried away with the sideways-cabled and mega-bobbled thing …


8 thoughts on “Best meets worst of Resort 2014: The Row

  1. :))) My first laugh of the morning (I love waking up to your blog!) GORGEOUS russet sweater (oh my.) The other one – I’m speechless.

    • There’s a lot to like about it (I’m pro sideways cables; love the gigundo bobbles) — but with the neckline, the crop, the cuffs … it just needed an editor.

  2. I think that second one was not displayed properly. I think that if it was more form fitting and paired with a form fitting shirt and dress dress pants/form fitting jeans and stiletto boots, it would pass as ok. The russet sweater makes me want to learn how to knit! :-D

    • I agree the styling (and the pose!) are part of the problem. We’ll probably see a street shot at some point of someone making it work. And you should totally learn to knit!

  3. Oh my…I laughed a little harder when I noticed the cuff treatment…that loop stitch is out of control.

  4. It misses the mark, doesn’t it I love the sideways/cropped sweaters, but this has too many gee-gaws.

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