New Favorites: Textured sweater vests

New Favorites: Textured sweater vest knitting patterns from Kelbourne Woolens and Helga Isager

I’ve had this Hiker’s Waistcoat sweater vest (above left) on my to-knit list for ages, and got to see the (newer, grey) sample at the lovely Fibre Company booth at TNNA. The pattern, written for worsted-weight Terra, is free on their website, but there’s apparently also a bulky version of the pattern, written for Tundra. If I understand correctly, the bulky version is only available in print, included in the book “Kelbourne Woolens Volume 1.” I would like it in both weights, please.

In a similar vein, of course there’s Helga Isager’s amazing Nightingale Vest (above right) from the recent Amimono Bird Collection, which I can never get out of my head. I have such huge admiration for Ms. From the Purl Side for finishing hers. Want want want.


6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Textured sweater vests

  1. I knit the Nightingale Vest a few weeks back. It’s basically a fun knit and would have knit up fairly quickly if there had not been sooooooo many errors in the pattern. At the time there was not a errata page to be found anywhere but I was able to get up with the guy here in the states that translated the pattern and he was extremely helpful. IMHO I should not have been a test knitter for a pattern that is already in print…..which is what I felt I was doing.
    Having said all that,( and trust me, when I say I could rant more about this pattern) I love the vest and happy with the results.

  2. Those vests are lovely! I’ve been wanting to make the Georgia Vest from Quince with some beautiful yarn my sister bought me.

  3. Vests are so practical and both of these are lovely. I ordered the Amimono Bird Collection book and would love to tackle the Nightingale Vest, From The Purl Sides vest is gorgeous !

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