Idea Log: Cropped wool shirtjacket

Idea Log: Cropped wool shirtjacket

I’ve had one of those moments where two thoughts collide in my head into one bright idea. Thought One was how much I love my army shirtjacket that I refashioned a couple of years ago (seen on me here) and hate that I don’t have a cold-weather counterpart for it. Thought Two was how much I love my pal Jen Beeman’s chainstitched rendition of her new Thayer Jacket pattern. As much as I want a chainstitched one now, it got me thinking about how useful a little cropped, unlined Thayer would be for indoor-outdoor wear in cooler weather — a good cardigan stand-in. I happen to have some nubby black wool remnant fabric in my stash that could be great for this, although I’m not sure it adds up to enough fabric to pull it off. But I feel like I need to clean off my table and spread it all out to see if I can make it work.

While I ponder what my chainstitched version might be …

(As I uploaded this image, I realized the buttons in my drawing look like nipples! Forgive me for that.)


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8 thoughts on “Idea Log: Cropped wool shirtjacket

  1. This looks like a great idea. I look foward to seeing what that fabric looks like. Had to laugh about the nipples. I hadn’t noticed. Now you have me thinking what my chainstitch could be.

    • Right? It’s not something I would have imagined being into, but Jen’s is so hilarious and amazing …

  2. Nipples: we all have them, and apparently so do shirt jackets. ;)

    Been contemplating the Thayer, because it’s a nifty jacket but I’m resisting sewing one just yet. Don’t know if I actually need one or just want to make one. An unlined version in twill or lightweight denim might make a good transitional piece. Pondering…

    For the cropped shirt version, would you do the top-stitching in a contrasting thread or match it to the wool?

    • That’s a hard question! I’m really in love with that design detail so might do a sort of low-contrast contrast?

  3. Would you consider sleeves in a different fabric, like a charcoal gray wool, if you didn’t have quite enough black, or would that be too varsity?

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