Idea Log: Summer sweater-jacket

Idea Log: Summer sweater-jacket knitting concept

That pic up top is my friend/colleague Cara wearing a little jacket I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I saw the photo long before I knew her. It had been designed by Hackwith Design House for my fellow Nashville small-biz owner Goodwin, and was out of my price range. I keep going back to this image thinking what a useful little thing that could be for much of year here, and it would not be hard to recreate in linen or something, but then you know when it’s summer and you long for that feeling of a sweater knit on your skin? So I’ve been pondering the possibility of a sweater equivalent in a linen-cotton blend or something. Knitting pattern designer Elizabeth Smith seems to be feeling a similar vibe with these two patterns of hers: 1979 (lower left) and Layla (lower right), which could just as easily be single-color stockinette. Either one would be a good jumping off point for a summer jacket like this.


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  1. I’m happily knitting Tailfeather by Heidi Kirrmaier which has a similar shape but diagonal lines.

  2. Elizabeth Smith creates the best patterns. Simple to follow and elegant to wear.

  3. I’m so excited to see you feature Elizabeth Smith’s designs! I knit both Layla and 1979 last Fall/Winter, and they were by far my most worn handknits during our cooler months. The short/cap-sleeved sweater or vest is just perfect for our Nashville weather. I too have thought of making similar garments in a linen or linen/cotton blend.

    As a side note, don’t too quickly dismiss the stitch pattern of Layla. It’s deceptively simple (and purl free!) and yields such an interesting fabric. It also doesn’t have the inherent roll of stockinette and thus doesn’t have to be bordered with ribbing or garter to obediently lay flat.

    Here are links to my finished garments, if you’re interested:

  4. oooh, I’ve knit that! Layla at least. At a different gauge (no trouble to resize) and substituted a mosaic band in for the stripes. Haven’t taken final photos yet but you can see the mosaic band (that I took from the boho style mosaic cardigan) –
    Layla is a great pattern.

  5. I had a little silk and linen blend crewneck tshirt/sweater that I used to wear with short shorts in the summer. It was thrifted and I wore it into the ground, but I keep thinking about trying to knit up some sort of replacement – summer knits feel so good!

  6. A short-sleeve jacket-like cardigan is such an essential piece of a summer wardrobe, it goes with everything and is the perfect layer. Now you make me want to knit one. I’ve yet to start my summer knitting plans, this is a good item to add to the list.

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