Me-Made May plans, NEW Town Bag! and more

NEW! Olive Town Bag + Helga Isager "Stitches" book

Somehow I decided to participate in Me-Made May for real this year — although, by that I do not mean taking 31 days of selfies! What I am going to do is track my wears for the month on a little chart I’m designing in my mini bullet journal. (I’ll show you that asap, and elaborate on it — I’ve had a lot of questions about how I’m doing it.) I will be posting the occasional outfit selfie on Instagram, and will do a wrap-up here at month’s end. I’ve been in a real dressing slump lately and am hoping this will get me re-engaged with my closet — loves and loathes, needs and wants, as we head into the hot zone. Will I run into you on #memademay2019? I’d love to hear your plans.

Speaking of things I’ve announced on Instagram lately, if you haven’t already, please read my Squam update!

IN SHOP NEWS: We’ve got the new Helga Isager book, Stitches, and wow is it gorgeous! So many stunning patterns in a beautiful hard-bound volume. BUT WAIT — we’ve also got a new Town Bag color launching at 9am CT! It’s quite possibly my favorite bag we’ve done so far, and I hope you’ll love it too! I’ll update the photos on this post once it’s been revealed [UPDATED: IT’S OLIVE!], but if you’re following @fringesupplyco, turn on post notifications or just pop onto Fringe Supply Co. at 9am! (Where you’ll also find the needles and notebooks pictured.)


I hope you have a lovely, restful, restorative weekend. I’ll be seaming my vest so I can finally dig into the fun bits! How about you?

Photos by Kathy Cadigan for Fringe Supply Co

4 thoughts on “Me-Made May plans, NEW Town Bag! and more

  1. My weekend schedule just went all kinds of wonky. I’ll be mindlessly knitting seed stitch (when I can fit in a row or two) to keep me from going completely bonkers trying to keep up with everything and everyone else.

    To be honest, Me Made May intimidates me. 31 days of selfies is a bit much to keep up with (well, for me)…but I do like perusing other peoples’ photos for ideas and inspiration. Kudos to those who can pull it off!

  2. I like the idea of more simply tracking your outfits. In fact, I started last week !
    It’s much more simple and as efficient. Thanks !

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