Meet the Rambler! And more holiday cheer …

Fringe Supply Co. Rambler satchel and Porter Bin

Today is that rare and thrilling day when I finally get to show you something we’ve been working on for months on end: Meet the new Rambler cross-body satchel! This is my answer to your requests for a cross-body bag, which actually works as a cross-body or a shoulder bag, as well as in the hand. I’ve been carrying it daily, traveling with and loving it for half the year — and I hope you’ll love it, too. Today is also Winter 2019 Lookbook day, and you can read lots more about the Rambler in the lookbook intro or on the product page in the shop.

We gave subscribers to the shop newsletter first dibs on the Rambler last month, as supplies will be limited, and I want to emphasize this with you all, too — supplies will be limited! There are only so many we can produce for the holiday season, so if you want one, act on it. And if you run into a Sold Out moment, please use the Notify Me button to be alerted whenever a new batch arrives. We’ll do our very best to make sure everyone who wants one can get one, but can make no guarantees!

The Rambler design was obviously inspired by the Porter Bin, my personal favorite of our bags, and having the canvas and webbing in the right weight and color for the Rambler has meant that the Porter is now finally available in toffee, too! Which I know you’ll be as happy about as I am.

And I hope you’ll also take a moment to look through this winter’s lookbook. Creating the lookbook is possibly my favorite of my many jobs with Fringe, and I’m really pleased with what we’ve put together for your perusal this holiday season. It was shot by my friend Hannah Messinger down at the pretty little Airbnb at Bloomsbury Farm, which has become my favorite place to shoot. It’s equal parts beautiful and rugged, which is just what I aim for with all things Fringe!

Happy start of holiday season, and happy weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Meet the Rambler! And more holiday cheer …

  1. What a gorgeous Look Book! Beautiful products, beautifully done. And… what are the yarns/patterns for the gorgeous hat and mitts? I’m thinking I should recognize them…

    • It’s a 10-yr old L.L. Bean sweater but if you search for “fisherman” here on the blog there are loads of pattern recs.

  2. The perfect start to my day was to come in and see this bag! Done! Purchased! So excited. I’m heading out to Naples, FL next Saturday and was trying to decide on which one of my Fringe field bags to take with me… decision made with this one! I’ll take my camo and this bag. Thank you Karen for always having the best goods for makers! Cheers!

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