New Favorites: Amirisu 19 (all of it!)

New Favorites: Amirisu 19 (all of it!)

The Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Amirisu landed on my desk last week and I had a bit of a swoon. It is stunningly beautiful from front to back, and there’s not a single thing in there I wouldn’t want to have. (Including the house where it was shot!) I’m not sure the last time I said that about a magazine or book, but while I’m thumbs-up on the entire dozen patterns that comprise the issue, of course there are those that stand out as my very favorites of the bunch:

TOP: Streaks by Keiko Kikuno would make me want to learn how to knit if I didn’t already know how

LOWER LEFT: Fleur by Megumi Sawada is a pretty little lace-and-bobbles hat (which apparently is a thing that appeals to me! who knew)

LOWER RIGHT: Lierne Cowl by Bristol Ivy is a fascinating little loop of pleated coziness

BELOW, UPPER: Escala by Alice Caetano features a mesmerizing fade in texture from smocking to diamonds — I’m obsessed with this

BELOW, LOWER: Wetherell by Kiyomi Burgin is a super charming yoke sweater with additional colorwork accents at the cuffs

New Favorites: Amirisu 19 (all of it!)

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6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Amirisu 19 (all of it!)

  1. Couldn’t agree more – the top 3 on your page are my top 3 from the issue. I haven’t had time to dig into the mechanics of that pleated cowl, but wow! Also love the feature on knitwear designers and their lovely interiors.

  2. Hi Karen, Love all these recommendations! This question is slightly off topic but I feel like I would sew more if I had a dress form. I see that you have one and I’m wondering if you can recommend a good one. Thanks, Cyndi

    • Mine is not really useful for fitting and I have no knowledge about the subject but there’s a helpful guest post by Liesl Gibson for that very reason — if you plug her name into the search box it should pop right up. 👍

  3. Love these patterns as well, but I wish the photos showed off the sweaters better. I am waiting patiently for someone to post photos of a finished Streaks that show the entire front of the sweater straight on to get an idea of the drape and fit.

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