New Favorites: Summer bags, big and small

New Favorites: Summer bags, big and small

Back in April, I wrote about two Wool and the Gang raffia projects I still haven’t stopped fantasizing about, and they’ve since added more raffia projects that look super satisfying. Big round retro raffia bags are a bit on trend at the moment, and the new In A Dream Bag (above, bottom) hits that mark. (@sister.mountain made a beautifully lined one for Summer of Basics.) But I’m even more tempted by the smallest-scale project, the Money Honey Clutch (above, top). It looks simple enough for a lifelong crochet novice like me!

Unrelated: I’m working on picking the prize winners from the July #summerofbasics feed! To be announced very soon, hopefully tomorrow!


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  1. I’m more into Market Bags right now, especially the one made by Alice Caetano, aka radiolazy on Ravelry :
    I have been wanting to make one for SOB, but I still can’t figure out how to read a crochet pattern, and I’m not comfortable at all with the specific vocabulary and differences between US-terms, UK-terms, and how do I translate that into French ! I’m working on it hard !

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