New Favorites: Raffia

New Favorites: Raffia

Summer is coming, and I am totally into this collection of super-simple crochet patterns that Wool and the Gang has released for their new yarn, Ra-Ra Raffia. I have a big trip coming up this summer (tell you about it soon!) that I need a crushable hat for, which is basically a life-long wishlist item. I do not have a head for hats, so we’ve talked before about how if I could bring myself to crochet one, maybe I could actually get it to fit me right! This perfectly plain one makes me want to give it a try:

TOP: Joanne Hat looks so chic in black and a little like an upside-down planter in natural, but the latter might be more practical

BOTTOM: Paper Gangsta is a classic crocheted market bag that, once again, is making me want to make such a thing! (For knitted options, see: Market bags)


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  1. i just saw these this morning too and am SMITTEN! i do love that Joanne Hat (fyi the raffia yarn only comes in navy, not black) but i think it’s the Worn This Way hat i’m falling hardest for… i’m trying not to buy yarn but does raffia count???

  2. See, I’m another hats-don’t-fit-me-plus-I-look-weird-in-them person. I know I need a summer hat, I try on summer hats, and then I don’t wear summer hats and spend all summer whining about how much I wish I had a summer hat.

    If those old-fashioned bonnets like they wore on Little House on the Prairie were in style, I’d make one of those. Those things are functional as all get-out.

    Awhile back, someone gifted me a hat kit: wires, linen/hemp yarn, and pattern. I haven’t really looked at it yet because A) I keep forgetting I have it and B) if I add another new project into the line up now, I might just lose my mind.

  3. I made a raffia purse last year using same yarn. It worked up surprisingly easy, I purchased several colors at the time thinking I would add a stripe or edging. Ended up using the raffia for a million other things as so beautiful and handy. Nicer texture than regular raffia. I believe it is a palm fiber. I used the purse all summer and it held up perfectly. I saw the hat patterns recently and was thinking of making one, would be fun. (Was going to attach a photo but can’t figure out how)

    • Raffia is so endlessly useful, it’s true. I did a lot of experiments a few years ago, knitting and crocheting with various jutes and cords for an idea I had and it was super fun. So I think I might actually try this!

  4. hmmm, being an experienced hat person (because i have a farm in a very sunny place), i will say that this hat doesn’t actually look like it would stay on one’s head though…with movement or running, or a little gust of wind, it looks like it would go off…maybe with an optional chin tie or something…

    also, it depends what one wants a hat for–if chicness, then yes this hat is cute; but it isn’t going to protect your face from any sun…
    (not trying to be a downer, i love the ‘knitting/crocheting” a hat idea, just being practical i guess)

  5. I’ll be curious to hear what it’s like to work with this kind of yarn. I have a tendency to get sore wrists from knitting, and I have learned to be very wary of any yarn that isn’t stretchy. Wool really is the best in that regard, but this looks so useful for summer!

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