New Favorites: from the Scout collection

New Favorites: from the Scout collection

You’ll no doubt be hearing more about this (particularly about the muslin bag full of mini-skeins I have at home, destined to become Log Cabin Mitts) but one of the things I’m most excited about right now is the second new yarn from my pals over at Kelbourne Woolens, an easygoing heathered wool called Scout. In honor of its release, they’ve published a collection of six knitting patterns, all of which are lovely, but I’m particularly heart-eyed over these two sweaters:

TOP: Rainier by Kate Gagnon Osborn is just totally stunning from first stitch to last

BOTTOM: Powell by Meghan Kelly is another case of me being a total sucker for a nice subtle chevron pattern


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12 thoughts on “New Favorites: from the Scout collection

  1. Oooh Powell is lovely. I tend to make a lot of cardigans because I like to take off layers but I feel like this might be a year where I make more pullovers and this one is shooting to the top of the list.

  2. I bought a sweaters’ worth (and then some) of Purl Soho’s Good Wool specifically to knit stranded colorwork. Rainier is one I’m considering, or maybe another Skogafjall…and then there’s the whole roster in MD’s March Mayhem lineup to consider.

    These skeins are generous, so I’m going to need a second project to use it all up!

  3. I’ve already been to the yarn shop & bought what I need to knit Powell! Now I had better buy the pattern. It looks like a great day here in NZ tomorrow so guess what I will be doing – and loving it.

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