Me and the Spring 10×10 Challenge

Me and the Spring 10x10 Challenge

So, as noted, I have some giant gaps in my closet when it comes to clothing suitable for our present weather — and yet I still have to get dressed every morning. I was thinking I’d triage an outfit plan to cover at least the next couple of weeks while I strive to fill in a few hangers (and/or hope for the weather to catch up with my clothing options). But then I remembered tomorrow is the start of the Spring 10×10 Challenge from Style Bee et al. I’ve never done it before, but since I’m already facing the reality of dressing myself from a limited selection of garments, why not go all the way, right?

Choosing my 10 items wasn’t even particularly difficult since I have so little to choose from! It’s also not a very dynamic selection, for that same reason. They are 1 cardigan, 2 shirtjackets, 1 sleeveless top, 3 shirts/smocks, 2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shoes.

Or, more specifically:
black linen-wool cardigan
• ancient denim shirtjacket (J.Crew, c.2003)
army shirtjacket 
• black silk smock (Elizabeth Suzann, no longer available)
black silk gauze shell
• white smock (State the Label)
blue button-up
• natural jeans (Imogene+Willie, no longer available)
• blue jeans (Imogene+Willie)
• tan flats (Solid State Studios, no longer available)

Eight of the ten were already part of my 20×30 challenge in October, but the shoes were not one of them and I always say the easiest way to freshen up a wardrobe is a change of shoes! Still, it wouldn’t be much of a Challenge to just repeat outfits from that, so my actual challenge for the next 10 days is to see how many new ways I can think of to combine these garments. I was leaning heavily on pants in October, not wearing jeans so much, and the denim shirtjacket gives me 3-4 new options right off the bat, but how many of the remaining looks might be different? We’ll see!

There’s a slight chance I might trade out the white smock for my pink one, which would also change things up. And honestly, I gave only one slot to shoes because this is my first attempt at a 10×10 and I wanted to maximize garments. HOWEVER, it’s been really rainy here, so I’m allowed to cheat on the footwear if weather demands it. These flats were a big investment and I love them dearly, so I don’t leave the house in them on rainy days.

Who else is in? For all the details on the challenge and how to participate, see Style Bee. (I am in no way responsible for this event!)


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11 thoughts on “Me and the Spring 10×10 Challenge

    • I get that question a lot! I should do a post about it — I have a whole phase-in/fade-in strategy going with my three pair of jeans. The short answer is: Not at the moment. ;)

  1. Such a good 10×10 wardrobe! I’m considering joining for the first time too. But it’s still so chilly up here I wear, like, three shirts every day. So I’m not sure I can pull it off yet. But yours is inspiring! xo

  2. Lee’s 10×10 are so inspiring ! I’ve been following this challenge for two years now, but never joined (too shy for social media I guess). I can’t wait to see what you will do ! It’s still too chilly and wet here in Paris to be thinking of spring, so bare ankles and sleeveless top make me dream … Have fun !

  3. I was really hoping for better weather in Nashville. Oh well; it is better than what I’ve got now, so there’s that. Seeing that the 10×10 challenge is only ten days long (sometimes I don’t get the logic immediately), I might try it seeing as I’ll be in Nashville for about five of those days…

  4. I’m not into the whole capsule wardrobe movement, I find it way too restrictive. Most capsules tend to be very neutral, or work around a few colors only, and I like to be able to mix and match with any color in my wardrobe I feel like wearing in any particular day. I appreciate the simplicity it brings to the whole “What can I wear today?” but it’s not my cup of tea.
    That being said, I always enjoy seeing what you come up with.

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