Someday vs. Right Away: Crochet skills

Someday vs. Right Away: Crochet skills

I keep saying I need to up my crochet game so I can think about making stuff like this and this and this, and instead I only talk about crocheting and have to turn to YouTube all over again every two or three years when I decide to give it a go. One of the first things I ever favorited at Ravelry was Roko’s Borsalino hat, pictured above, knitted from Michiyo’s No.5 hat pattern. (For a similar hat, see the free Novi Hat pattern.) I remember being floored at the notion that one could simply crochet such a hat. My noggin is problematically large (shut up, DG), rendering hats a challenge in general. I’ve developed a fair sense of what I can get away with beanie-wise, but structured hats are pretty much impossible. Which brings me back to that Roko hat. If I had game, I could make one for myself and make it fit properly, right? So if I want to ever do that, I better get serious about those skillz. Two good places to restart would be Dottie Angel’s sweet and useful Imperial Mitt and Hot Pad and same for Mamachee’s Perfect House Slippers.


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  1. The hat is no harder to make than the potholders. I crocheted a topper like that for a friend who was losing her hair (yes, chemo) and wanted something summery. I used Shibui Heichi, which she said was airy and comfy. It was easy and fun, and she loved it. Made the Quince shawl too, albeit modified to alter the shape a bit. The thing with crochet, is that once you get through a couple of rows, the sequence gets in your head and you can fly with it. It goes SO much faster than knitting.

  2. Is the hat in the top photo a project somebody made from the Novi pattern, or just an inspiration photo of a similar look? (and if it’s a project, is it on ravelry so I can favorite??)

      • Huh, I looked at the pattern page and took a swing through the projects, but I couldn’t find it… am I being completely dense?

        • Omigosh, you’re right. I was clearly working on this way too late last night and got some wires crossed. I’ve updated to clarify!

          • Yay, thanks, project and pattern duly hoarded in my faves for future plotting! (I may have a minor obsession with knit/crochet/felted hats)

  3. Oh, my gosh. I was just looking for crocheted hat patterns last week and saved that Novi pattern! I also got a couple of patterns from an Etsy seller called Meadowvale Studio. About to start one of them right now.

  4. Oh that is so funny! I just finished crocheting a hat for myself in raffia yarn I’ve been saving for years. And as a result I ordered some more yarn to make another one in a different color. I discovered this designer from Russia and she now sells her patterns on Ravelry in English! They are so well fitting and flattering too!

    I actually have that Japanese book where the little “Spangle Hat” pattern is from, and I tried making it but I didn’t like the “jog” that is formed when working the pattern. Now knowing there is a possible solution to it, I think I can find work from it while improve them to my liking. :-P

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