New Favorites: Groovy crochet tunic

New Favorites: Groovy crochet tunic

I’m still thinking about my new year’s resolution to crochet something, and about the Kelbourne girls’ #crochetsummer14 campaign. It occurred to me I could use this Purl Bee potholder pattern to crochet that Shelter 7 blanket (rug?) I want. Which would probably take me a few summers. But then I came across this Marie Wallin tunic called Gozo that I want even more — in heather grey, of course. I’d seam the sides together, leaving just a long slit at the bottoms, to make it a little less poncho-ish. I don’t think I have anywhere near the crochet skills required to work it, but that’s how we learn, right? I might be crazy enough to try it.


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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Groovy crochet tunic

  1. I willing to give it a try if you are, although the only crocheting I can do is a chain stitch. I believe in jumping in with both feet and this tunic would be perfect to learn how to crochet, right? :)

  2. Karen! I might be crazy enough to try it with you! I hate crocheting, honestly, but it’s really because I haven’t given it a proper chance. I love this so much, though, I’m willing to give it a go!!!

  3. I’ve been eyeing and dreaming of that Shelter 7 rug ever since you posted about it last time. Not a bad idea to use that potholder pattern! May give it a try too.. sometime… Been meaning to get myself to crochet more but since I’m not as comfortable doing it I tend to just pick up another knitting project.

    Noticed you had embarked on Channel cardigan. I just started mine too this week :)

  4. I love crocheting, but I’d never make this. I’d look like a total idiot. Good for you for being courageous enough to contemplate wearing it.

  5. I love it. In muted turquoise for me. I have been teaching myself to crochet and the largest thing I’ve made so far is a dish towel. This would be a challenge. I can’t wait to see yours..

  6. That is not a complicated stitch pattern, very basic and with fat yarn at that, so it would go very fast. It will server to hook you for good. ;-)

  7. I agree with Clare. Have downloaded the pattern and am now looking for the perfect yarn. Would love something “drapier” – maybe a silk or bamboo blend. Want to see what you do, as well.

  8. oh WOW! that is beyond gorgeous. i just may embark along with you… and i think you could do it! it’s likely just a big rectangle, and i’ll volunteer to be your CFG (Crochet Fairy Godmother) if you should need any help…

  9. I like the pattern too! I’m all for a larger crochet project… If I don’t destroy my crochet muscles making a lace chuppah for my friend!

  10. Definitely try it! With you-tube and websites nowadays there is nothing we can’t achieve: your crochet expertise will simply advance in no time with a challenging project.
    And this one will look really cool!
    (I would still do the slits, it helps the otherwise stiffer crochet fabric to drape better…. maybe? possibly? hmmm?)

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