New Favorites: Haiku

haiku crochet shawl pattern quince and co by rebecca velasquez

I’m posting a bonus edition of New Favorites this week because yesterday, while all the web was buzzing over the new Brooklyn Tweed collection (referenced here), Quince & Co released Haiku by Rebecca Velasquez, a crocheted shawl so lovely it makes me wish I crocheted well enough to read and follow the pattern. Maybe even lovely enough to make me try.


16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Haiku

  1. To hear people say my designs make them wish to crochet is the highest compliment that could be given. I am so pleased you enjoy it and hope that you do choose to pick up a hook and give it a go. Your kind words excite me & fill my design book. Also, throwing chocolate in my general direction works, too.

  2. I crocheted a lot as a kid, and a very little bit earlier this year. (E.g. this little bowl.) I don’t know enough to be able to guess at whether that shawl is for sure beyond my skill set, but if I had to place a bet …

    Rebecca, can you tell us what the expertise level is, or what kind of stitches are used? (I always wish Quince would give a little more information on their pattern pages.)

  3. This is so pretty! I need to try this. It’s been a while since I crocheted anything, and I think I need this to be the next crochet project I try.

    Karen, you always find theeeee best things :)

  4. Karen, to me, crochet is a lot like knitting, in that, if you know the basics, you can pretty much do anything! The stitches in this shawl are not complicated, and if you know the essentials of following a crochet pattern, the body of the shawl is easy-peasy. The only area that might trip up a beginner is the increases on the edging, but if you follow and trust the instructions, it will work out! That said, I give this a skill level of advanced beginner.

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  9. Im absolutely in love with this pattern, but am probably not trusting my instincts in the beginning of the pattern and I have to keep ripping it out…I so wish there were pics of the beginning posted somewhere to I could know if I was doing it right or not :)

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